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Hello, Singularity!

As mentioned previously, our metaplot will be light this month, but we plan to get it moving at the end of December/early January. In the meantime, you’ll want to dig out your coats and umbrellas, because Sacrosanct’s got some weather problems.

A few days ago, Arthur ([personal profile] soldad) was attempting to make repairs to Kurzweil’s medical controls, but he accidentally tripped the automated security measures. The system’s locked everything out, and until it can be rewritten, the zone is in for some turbulent weather.

  • Week 1 (12/4-12/10): Heat wave! Temperatures will be above 90° F/32° C every day, and the air will be particularly dry -- moisture production is down. Near the end of the week, there will be extremely high winds (enough to take down trees), with a chance of a few small tornadoes popping up around the zone.

  • Week 2 (12/11-12/17): Thunder, lightning, and lots of rain. Temperatures will fall back down to a brisk 40° F/4° C on average, and though the wind won’t be as bad as the previous week, it’s still wise to watch out for flying debris. Any buildings struck by lightning will have their circuits fried and will need to be repaired.

  • Week 3 (12/18-12/25): Snow, snow, and more snow. While it’ll start out light, the snow won’t let up until the 25th and will have accumulated at least 4-6 by then. The temperature won’t get much above 15° F/-9° C. Better bundle up.

(You can find all of these dates on the game calendar!)

Additionally, with the advent of the holiday season, some of Hypatia’s subroutines will be coming back online. They will manifest through some service drones with a heavy dose of holiday spirit, who will try to decorate everything in sight. Get too close, and that’ll include you. If left to their own devices, the end result isn’t going to look pretty.

Feel free to run with it as you want, but if you’re interested in something a little more involved, just sign up for a Mission, which might involve anything from chasing down rampant drones to dealing with last year’s Robot Santa, who hasn’t fared the last year all that well.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask below, and have fun!
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Hello, Singularity! Welcome to the second phase of our Fourth Wall Event.

With the turnover in station management, many of the security protocols are still offline. Unfortunately for Sacrosanct residents, these include some of the protocols Hypatia had in place to keep the truly dangerous things coming from the rift from escaping the Junkyard.

As detailed in this log, there will be an enormous crash in the Junkyard that makes most of Kurzweil shake. If anyone chooses to investigate, they’ll find that a Reaver ship has crashed, and its inhabitants are loose and pouring through the teleporters into the station itself. They’ll be cut off after several dozen are set loose, but more will intermittently make it through over the next three days.

Shortly after the threat becomes ICly known, some old station logs will begin appearing on characters’ wearables at random. These logs cannot be saved offline, and any attempt to find them in the network will provide no results, as if they’re being moved around through the system.

Sounds like this isn’t the first time this has happened, and the last group didn’t do so well. So how do you survive?

There are bunkers beneath the currently occupied neighborhoods, but one neighborhood will need to go completely offline to provide enough power to run them. There is one medical station online, located between the two remaining neighborhoods, but there is no automated security -- someone’s gonna have to stand guard.

Of course, those willing to fight back are free to do so, but you’ll find the Reavers are a dangerous enemy -- they’ll focus on incapacitation, not killing, in order to torture their victims. They’re human, so they can be killed, but between sheer numbers and their violent tactics, most would be wise to stay away. (If you've never seen Firefly or Serenity, here's a clip to give you some ideas.)

Opt-out: If you’re not interested in participating, your character will make it into one of the bunkers early, where they’ll be sealed in and kept safe.

How will the event end? The number of Reavers will dramatically increase on Saturday, 11/10, as more and more get out of the Junkyard. The most expedient solution will be to cut life support in Kurzweil. All characters will need to go through a teleporter to Garden Zone 01, but fourth wall characters will not make it through. Any character who remains in Kurzweil will die when life support goes offline; those who are not fourth wall characters will respawn as usual after it comes back on.

Thanks for participating in our event! Any fourth wall characters apped is welcome to keep their memories of this event and emerge from a teleporter instead of arriving through the Junkyard. And, of course, you’re still welcome to bring in new characters during this part of the event! They’re just in for a lot of trouble.
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The installation of our new station AI has been more or less a success, but the Rift is still there, and it turns out Hypatia's had more protocols in place to keep things stable than Delta's been able to work out right away. With that in mind...

Event Details

From Sunday, November 4th to Saturday, November 10th, characters who are not currently in Singularity may play here. For the purposes of this event, we've set up a side-community: [community profile] singularityevents. The stickied post there has instructions for joining, and even current members must go through it.

Feel free to go ahead and send in requests now; we'll accept them, but we won't turn on posting until Sunday.

Outside Characters

This event welcomes canon-original, AU, CRAU, OCs, and unlimited duplicate characters. If you are not familiar with Singularity's setting, please read through here for details. We also expect you to adhere to our usual gameplay standards and rules, including relevant power-damping.

If you bring a character who is not currently at Singularity and wish to app them, you'll be free to keep any memories from the event. This event will be considered game canon. Details about how the characters leave at the end of the week will be posted next week as part of the event.

Posting Format

Logs, action tags, and network posts are all acceptable. Please make sure all threads for this event are posted to [community profile] singularityevents, and not the usual comms. This only applies to the fourth wall event; all other posts should go to the appropriate game comms.

ETA 11/4: Since there have been questions about this: this means that if you want to make a network post or an open log and have it open to fourth wall characters, please make it in [community profile] singularityevents. If you do not want to participate, just put the post in [community profile] singularityrpg or [community profile] singularitylogs as normal. This is just a way to opt out of the event if you'd rather not get involved with outside characters, since this is a game canon event.


That's easy; just ignore the event comm! Keep in mind that all events will be game canon, though. Please keep an eye on the OOC comm, though, because these outside characters might not be the only things that get through the rift next week...

Questions? CR Plotting?

Comment below!
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Hello, Singularity! Larissa here with the final OOC details for the Hypatia assault. All of the logs have been posted in the [community profile] singularitylogs community, and you're free to start threading!

Please keep the following points in mind:

➨ The scenarios we've provided are a guideline, not a script! You're free to handwave the details and technology as you go. Unless otherwise implied by your log, you can go ahead and pull in hostile NPCs wherever you choose. Remember, the OOC information is provided for your benefit, as a heads up, to help you all in progressing through the plot -- it doesn't mean that your characters have to follow it to the letter.

ICly, all the characters on the mission will have the IC mission briefs. In many cases they won't have any idea what's coming, but that’s half the fun, isn’t it? Additionally, there are some twists and surprises that have been omitted from the OOC information and will be sprung on the teams at the worst possible times. For fun.

➨ Establish a tagging order amongst your teammates right off the bat. Remember to track your threads! (If you don't have a paid account, you can track the post itself or check manually.)

➨ If you are unable or unwilling to complete the rest of the log, let your teammates know. Don't just leave them hanging! If you are unable to continue a log, for whatever reason, please let the rest of the team know! We can handwave, give basic godmodding rights, or whatever else will make this whole event easier on you.

NPCs will spontaneously tag into your threads. This will occur when a new enemy appears, something goes awry, or something changes! They’ll be doing it to make your log more exciting! When that happens, just continue the existing order following the NPC tag or contact your teammates OOCly to change up the order.

➨ Feel free to tag in action or prose. If you find one or the other distracting, please talk to your teammates and find out if anyone has a preference. Generally speaking, though, it’s all good.

➨ If you have any questions about what your character can do or change, please ask. We want this event to be fun and as painless as possible, but with something this large there's bound to be some confusion. If you find yourselves at an impasse, because you need intervention to push the plot along, or you’re just not sure where to go, please let us know.

We're here to do the heavy lifting and organization -- you're here for fun. If there's something we can do to make it better, we're more than open to suggestions. You can use this post or contact us directly.

➨ We've set up a separate post for injuries and deaths. While we'll be following all of the logs, we do need a centralized place to keep track of that sort of thing. If you want your character to perish before the end of the event, please drop a note there and let your teammates know. If you want your character to take a (specific) injury, it’s also a good place to note it. If your character suddenly takes an injury, please post so we have a record.

ICly, the assault will take about a day's time. OOCly, it will last as long as we need it to, but it will be assumed that by November 1st (when apps open) the station will be under new management. Feel free to put up post-event posts then, but as things usually are here, you can backtag as long as you want.

➨ Following the event, Kurzweil/R01 will be the only residential zone online. Reliable power will only be guaranteed in three neighborhoods clustered together. This will increase in the next few weeks and months as part of the metaplot. Characters will ICly know this ahead of time, so if there are things they want to keep from the other residential zones (which will be completely offline) they'll need to move it prior to the assault.

We should have the remaining information page changes done by the time apps open, and will post an OOC post detailing the changes then.


As you may have heard, there's a hurricane headed towards the East Coast. I (Larissa) am directly in its path, and there is a very high chance I will be without power and/or internet during parts of this week. NPC work will be split up between the mods (and Hiku); if you can't get in touch with me, please go to one of them. There's no way of knowing what the situation will be until the storm hits, but if I can't get reliable access enough to post here, please check [ profile] singmods for updates on who is available. Weather permitting, though, I'll be around as much as I'm able.
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Hello, Sing! Larissa here with the plot for the next (and final!) phase of the Hypatia Plot. If you need a refresher, please check out Hiku’s posts recapping what’s gone down so far. We do apologize that it's taken this long to get this up! Hiku had some RL things come up, and we had to work with what we already had to get everything straightened out.

Now, because one big log would be at best a complete mess, we’ve opted to split up the final assault into a couple of different logs. The objective is to deactivate Hypatia’s three control towers before taking over the main control room. Each tower will have two teams assigned to it, a hack team and an assault team. The hack team will break through Hypatia’s security while the assault team will fend off the various mooks she sends to slow them down.

If you were in the game for the potato plot, we’re planning on setting up the logs in a similar way -- there will be a writeup with what you can expect to find and how it’ll end up, and you can then use the elements there as NPCs. If you weren’t in the game, this is an example. Because the teams are small, you should be able to play through them however you like -- just write in whatever you’re facing as you want and run with it.

If the logs aren’t finished, it will be assumed that your characters completed the task. However, if you cannot finish the log but your threadmates want to, please let them know. You may write out your character however you like, whether by having them fall to their enemies or simply godmoded along with the other characters. Please be respectful of your fellow players if you cannot complete your part of the log.

These are the teams we’re going with, edited slightly from Hiku’s last post, but we can still make changes if necessary. Please contact the other members of your team! We've set up threads below, but you can also use the player contact post -- if they’re not on there, check their character journal (and remind them to post their info!). If there’s someone on your team who isn’t interested in participating, either sort it out with them (their character will be godmoded along or killed in the process) or let us know so we can rearrange teams.


Once again, please let us know if the teams need to be rearranged. We’re planning on getting the event logs up in the next day or two, and while we can still make changes at that point, ideally we’d like to get everything squared away beforehand.

Mod-controlled NPCs may interact with your characters as the logs progress, mostly Hypatia. If you would like something in specific to happen, please let us know, but otherwise we’ll drop her in randomly.

With that in mind, we need one of the tower teams to volunteer for heavy NPC involvement. One of the teams is going to run across Salome/Maria, and this log needs to be completed -- it’s very important for the post-Hypatia plot. If you’re interested, please comment in the thread below, but only if you can commit to writing out this part of the plot. Of course, if something comes up, it’s understandable, but this is something that will require a faster pace of tags than the usual speed of the game and will need to be fully plotted out beforehand. Do not volunteer if you cannot complete it.

That should be it! If you have questions, leave them in the thread below and we’ll get to them ASAP. Otherwise, just use the team threads below to make plans! We're aiming on having the plot logs up in the next day or two.
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Alrighty, everyone! I'm terribly sorry for all the comm spam, but I've set up a few open logs to encourage people to thread and interact during the training and downtime section! I hope you'll all forgive my lack of creativity, but the format of the Asphodel log tends to work rather well, and I hope it will serve us for these next bits.

As usual, feel free to add a location to any of the logs, or an open thread for your character. It's all good.

New Log Links. )

If you're not sure what's going on, here's a link to the OOC recap.
OOC Recap, Post Asphodel

I believe I've updated everyone into this. If I've missed you, please let me know!

I put some consideration into the teams for the final assault, so that people could try to get based CR, or restructure accordingly, and I'd like to run it all by you as a group. Nothing here is set in stone, if you want more or different CR, if you have CR with these people already, or if you just can't think of how your character would really interact with your team, this can be changed.

I don't want to make anyone stressed to tag, for any reason. Stressed out tagging just isn't fun and that's what we're here to have.

Once teams have been locked down, I can work with the mods to come up with unique challenges for everybody and hopefully make the most of this whole event!

Hypothetical Teams )

I think that's everything...for now. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that's alright. I can always spam the communities, some more.

EDIT: Naturally, I've forgotten to append this with the Missions.

Missions. )
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Hello everyone!

That Asphodel Log is amazing, you guys, and I'm so jazzed about it. I don't want anyone to take it that this means they can't tag or even hop into that, if they hadn't had the chance and still wanted to (I'm still tagging that log in a myriad of places), this is just to keep everything moving along cheerfully so we don't make everyone wait around too long.

Now that Shepard has threatened and/or grilled half the people on Sacrosanct and everyone has had a chance to sit down and think over what's going to happen, everyone is free to go back to the station. In the interests of not writing out another slightly threatspirational speech and making you all read it, we can all assume that, before anyone was let out of that bunker, Shepard reminded them that Hypatia will brutally murder every single one of them if she finds out about what they're planning--so mums the word.

Presumably, before leaving the planet, Shepard would have assigned three man assault teams. They might not have been the final cut, but she'd have placed everyone in the most logical configuration. Now, as I'm still tagging most of those threads, and I'm slow, I'm not entirely certain what everyone will be doing during the Assault run. This is problematic because I'm not sure who is in whose team quite yet.

Instead of giving you guys these assignments, right this instant, we can fall back on the fact that Shepard talked to most of them about what their function would be, on their team. So individual training can commence even without a really detailed knowledge of who is going with who. For the first round of training, lets say everything is relatively individual. We can run some basic team exercises (for CR building) a little later.

(Additionally, I still have a long list of people who went unassigned compared to the list who wanted to be on the assault. If we're handwaving that, please mention it in your OOC recap or post here to that effect so I can make a list for assignin' purposes.

Also: if you know who you want to sit next to on the assault-mission-bus, that would be good to mention.)

For the immediate future we have training, supply stocking, and intel gathering to occupy our time. Everything beneath here is a suggestion, just to facilitate a ton of new CR. If you have any other ideas, please let me know!

So, let's get to that aforementioned juicy stuff:

So you're on the mission... )

Training et all. - That's not a knife... )

If anyone would like to volunteer their character to lead a new training section, or join one of the existing sections as an instructor, please post here! The more the merrier!

I'll toss up an open log for Training purposes, later, but everyone should feel encouraged and free to post as they feel necessary. If you are on the mission and want to practice with that sidearm we handed you, feel free to post an open log at the Normandy Haus. If you want to spontaneously start combing the junkyard for parts and pretend Shepard told you to, go nuts.

It's all good, everybody.
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Hey, everyone, this is the OOC post for the Asphodel log.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, or suggestions please post them here. At the end of the week, or whenever you feel your character's thread has reached a logical conclusion and you're ready to move on and return to the station, please post a summary of your character's CR, basic opinions, which cheerleader they hate the most, and a quick recap of what generally went down.

It seems like a weird AC, but it's really just something I'd appreciate for clerical reasons, and something that could help people who don't have time to read everything.

If/When you do post that, please put a header: OOC RECAP - CHARACTER NAME

(This one is strictly for my benefit, really, but I would very much appreciate it.)

In regards to this post specifically:

Log or Action OK.

Reasonable New Areas OK.-- If you want to tag an area not listed, before the speech, outside, or something more specific than what is listed, feel free to make a new tag to the post itself. Please add the location into the header.

Wobble-Time OK.--Shepard's speech is, effectively, the first thing that happens. To tag before that, please just put something to that effect in the header. Similarly with dating the next day, late that night, etc.

Speech thread tagging OK.--Feel free to tag any immediate responses to other characters in the Speech thread. Shepard won't be answering them, but that's a viable header to post under.

All technology is bullshit.--So, aside from the storm and the topography, the supply crates are littered about to help make CR easier. The general environment is very spartan, and the crates will only really have things that a military group would toss into them (rations and not cakes, single wool blankets not comforters), but if you want to godmod the content of them, or any relevant reasonable technology (i.e. there's a portable microwave to cook that terrible ration you're gonna eat but it has no weight setting) go for it.

If your character wants to look over tactical data, but doesn't want to chill in the war-room, Shepard and/or any of the Normandy Crew could logically give them a digital copy, or they could steal a physical copy from the war room. (They're in the...making this easier on everyone box, but hardcopy can't go back to the station for...obvious reasons.)

I hope this helps! I don't want the limits of the IC situation putting insurmountable constraints on CR.
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And the Jurassic Park event is up and running! Feel free to go ahead and have your characters notice the gradual increase in dinosaur population. (IC realizations would be awesome; ideally, Wash and/or York will make a post in a couple of days realizing just where the problem comes from.) If there are any questions, just send 'em my way - PM, comment here, or ping me at [ profile] palazzo. Happy dino hunting!
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[personal profile] articletwelve

...Or something like it, anyway. Thanks Google.

Hello all! Larissa here with a plot to shake things up a little bit - and what better way than dinosaurs in space?

So, about a week ago now, Wash ([personal profile] articletwelve and York ([personal profile] neverknocks) took a job for Hypatia to fix up a malfunctioning teleporter in Garden Zone 08. Unfortunately for them, it didn't go so well -- the teleporter was right in the middle of Sacrosanct's dinosaur territory. While they managed to fix up the teleporter enough to get through it themselves, they were in too much of a rush to double-check the work, and... well.

Now it's really malfunctioning.

From Sunday, August 12 to Friday, August 17, dinosaurs will be randomly popping out of the teleporters. What these dinosaurs are is up to player discretion, but expect a good number of (Jurassic Park-style) velociraptors, T-rexes, compys, you name it. (Here's a top ten list if you need some ideas!) Extra-large dinosaurs like Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus probably won't be able to fit through the teleporters, but T-rexes and dinosaurs around that size will have plenty of room.

There will be as many dinosaurs as necessary -- basically, use your imagination. The way the teleporter is broken is that when dinosaurs go through, their patterns are stuck, and even if the starting teleporter is destroyed a couple of days into the event, they'll still be caught in there until they run out on Saturday. There will still be dinosaurs left in Garden Zone 08 afterwards, since the ones that pop out are basically just respawned copies.

Anyone can NPC the dinosaurs as necessary, so long as there's no godmoding. Get permission before another character gets mauled or killed.

Of course, someone needs to go take care of things. I do need volunteers to take out the teleporter that's causing all of this - just comment in the thread below if you're interested. Wash and York will have a vested interest in fixing it, obviously (and Madi and I are totally okay with them taking the blame for the whole mess), but I'd much rather have other characters involved in the actual strike. (Something short of a nuke should do fine.)

ETA: I think we're good on volunteers, but if anyone's got any other ideas just let me know and I'd be happy to figure something out.

Feel free to use this post for plotting!

If you'd rather not run into any dinosaurs, teleporters in Residential Zone 12 and Garden Zone 06 will not spawn dinosaurs. Chalk it up to a programming error.

Any questions (or if I forgot anything), just toss 'em in the thread below.
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I'm sure that effectively grabbed the attention of anyone that wasn't in the know how, right?

Okay, so, you guys know Harley Quinn and for those of you that might not, the clown is the Joker's main squeeze and hench woman; she's also, rather openly, batshit cray cray. Some days she is better than others, but overall, the broad is nuts. One thing that doesn't go well with Harley is things being quiet for too long; idle hands and all that stuff, you know?

When things are quiet, Harley gets bored... when Harley gets bored, things have a tendency to explode. Add to this that Harley knows her Puddin' hates being ignored (and that she doesn't like it much herself), and we get the perfect set up for shenanigans that will end poorly for everyone.

So, to counter this boredom and idleness, Harley is going to plant a bomb in Skyfire's hostel. He was good enough to leave it open to anyone without any sort of security features, so getting in wouldn't be much of a problem at all for this clown.

Things will proceed as thus:
1) Plant the bomb.
3) ?
4) PROFIT! 8D (aka running for her life, but details details)

Now, to anyone living in the hostel, you are not required to participate if you do not want to. You can choose to be away from the hostel, be in an unaffected part of it, or however else you'd care to handwave. We want this to be fun chaos, not stressful.

Jolta has requested that no one be killed, but injuries of various magnitudes are certainly welcome!

This will be our plotting post so we can figure out any pertinent details for the event itself. I've put in a request for it, and we should figure sometime early June for it to take place. This way, we're not caught up in the middle of another event and folks have some time to settle after school gets out.

Sooo... there ya have it! Come one come all and lets toss some ides around so we can get plans solidified and stuff! 8D
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You didn't Hypatia would miss an opportunity to throw up silly decorations and torment her guests, did you?

Easter Mini-Event

Starting Friday morning, each character will (at your personal discretion), awaken to find mechanical storks bringing them a very special package (or packages, if you want to play Hard Mode). Each bundle contains a large, egg-shaped drone (scaled appropriately to their recipient) with some vague, cartoonish resemblance to the "parent." They babble, coo, burp, and generally act like small children sans limbs. Your job? to care for them.

What's the point?
Hypatia will be scoring everyone with an egg on their level of parenting skill. A live scoreboard will be publicly available via the network for characters to check on their ranking. Prizes will be awarded Saturday night. Players will need to reply to this post with how well their characters do on a scale from 1-100.

What if my character is a bad parent?
If characters go more than 20 feet, or do not interact with their egg within a 20 minute span, the egg will explode in a shower of confetti. Congrats, it's full of candy and chocolate! And a note on how bad you suck at parenting. Additionally, there is no punishment for failing, or terminating your own egg, save for an automatic score of '0.' And the shame.

What do we get for participating?
On an OOC level, this event is completely opt-in. You don't need to have your characters participate. A single credit will be awarded as a base prize to every character who manages to get their egg(s) through 'alive' by Saturday night. There will also be candy.

Reply to this post with the following information to participate:
[personal profile] thundering
Hello Singularity! Ammay here, bringing you all the option of a plot that's going to be starting on April 8th and run to April 14th. What event you say? Well, it's quite simple really - it's the

even if we kind of had one already whoops

Anyway, this event is opt-in for everyone who wants to join in and goes like so:
The teleporters and the rift seem to out of whack, and everyone who steps into the teleporters steps out of them as a chid or, if they're already a child, and adult. The thing is that instead of just being themselves but younger/older, they're actually from that point in their lives. Of course the switch means that they won't have any of the memories of what occurred when they return, but a simple check on the network should get everyone up to speed.

For example, Thor would now become the equivalent of a bratty ten year old prince who wants to destroy everything. Opting out is extremely easy - either they haven't used a teleporter or they just use one that's magically unaffected.

Thanks guys, and feel free to use this post for plotting, general questions, and what have you!
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HEY EVERYONE THE EVENT IS OVER! Everything is back to normal, all lost items are returned, the rift is back to normal and so on. Jin and Kimiko are also back :3

I hope you all had fun! I sure did!
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Oops dropped the ball again. Anyway, stage five started at midnight.

By now, all elements should be back to normal. Gold is gold, lead is lead, oxygen is oxygen and so on. Hope no one broke anything important!


This is the last stage of the event! Have fun!
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Sorry for getting this up late!

The station heaves, and all of the colors reset themselves to normal. Light wavelengths are as they should be again. But the color inversion is now replaced by something new. It might be subtle at first.

supernova1006: (i dunno it just blew up)
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We're about halfway through the event! I hope everyone is having fun! As of now, the temporal distortions across the station will have corrected themselves--however, everyone is welcome to backdate posts and such :)


ETA: Plurk is being utter ass, so if anyone has any questions, please ask them here :)
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With one last sickening twist, all of the spatial distortions go back to normal. The station settles and everything is where it's supposed to be again. But a split second later, something else starts to go wrong...

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Welcome to the Rift Event! OH SNAP! For the next ten days, Sacrosanct will basically be going completely fucknuts. Here’s what will happen for the first two days.

supernova1006: (majesty)
[personal profile] supernova1006
Hey again! Pen here to let you all know that the Rift Event will be starting in six days on the 20th. I'll be making an IC post either tonight or tomorrow where Jin actually mentions what he's up to. For now, though, I've got the event timeline here in case anyone wants to plan things for their characters ahead of time :3c



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