22 Sep 2012

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Dear Singularity,

The following characters have recently been eaten by mysterious forces. They shall be remembered (or forgotten), and their disappearances mourned (or celebrated).

Characters under Swept did not respond to the comment-to-stay post. If you appear on the swept list and want to reclaim your character, please comment here by 2359 EST on Monday, September 24th. After that, those characters will be considered dropped and must re-app in order to return to the game.

New: Struckout names from the swept list have been marked as reclaimed.

Harry Lockhart | [personal profile] nippledetective | Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Julia Hoffman | [personal profile] therapeutics | Dark Shadows (film)
Kimber Benton | [personal profile] defiances | Jem
Leoben Conoy | [personal profile] patternprophet | Battlestar Galactica (CR AU)
Edward "The Riddler" Nygma | [personal profile] riddleme | DC [Batman: the Animated Series]
H'ssssk [aka Dr. Dinosaur] | [personal profile] tooscience | Atomic Robo
Dave Strider | [personal profile] seeing_idawg | Homestuck
Flonne | [personal profile] flonnezilla | Disgaea

Ezio Auditore da Firenze | [personal profile] mentore | Assassin’s Creed (CR AU)
Sakura Kinomoto | [personal profile] clowcaptor | Cardcaptor Sakura
Weaver | [personal profile] weaverwove | China Mieville's New Crobuzon series
Alec McDowell | [personal profile] im_apimp | Dark Angel (CR AU)
Max Guevara/X5-452 | [personal profile] revvedup | Dark Angel
Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) | [personal profile] cryovengeance | DC [Batman: Arkham City]
Terry McGinnis (Batman) | [personal profile] punliners | DC [Batman Beyond]
Harley Quinn | [personal profile] hesmypuddin | DC [Batman: the Animated Series]
The Joker | [personal profile] ba_dum_chhhh | DC [Batman: the Animated Series]
Koriand'r/Starfire | [personal profile] must_feel_flight | DC [Teen Titans (animated)]
Alejandro Borges | [personal profile] arachnophobe | Dead Space
Michael Altman | [personal profile] reunified | Dead Space
Adam Jensen | [personal profile] mechanicarus | Deus Ex
Caim | [personal profile] slaughterism | Drakengard
Kimiko Ross | [personal profile] autodidacticrobogirl | Dresden Codak (CR AU)
Harry Dresden | [personal profile] windycitywizard | The Dresden Files [novels]
Molly Carpenter | [personal profile] magicalpadawan | The Dresden Files [novels]
Tahcikoma | [personal profile] weareallalive | Ghost in the Shell [stand alone complex]
Batou | [personal profile] thehangingman | Ghost in the Shell [theatrical]
O'Brien | [personal profile] sniperbitch | Halo
Zhaneel | [personal profile] bondedgryphon | Heralds of Valdemar
Dave Strider | [personal profile] pantsless | Homestuck (AU)
Davesprite | [personal profile] featheryasshole | Homestuck
Karkat Vantas | [personal profile] papshooshing | Homestuck (CR AU)
The Signless | [personal profile] redancestor | Homestuck
Terezi Pyrope | [personal profile] circuitry | Homestuck
Terezi Pyrope | [personal profile] pythianjudgment | Homestuck (CR AU)
Vriska Serket | [personal profile] fairygodtroll | Homestuck
Annie Odair | [personal profile] poor_madgirl | The Hunger Games [novels]
Finnick Odair | [personal profile] finnick_odair | The Hunger Games [novels]
Katniss Everdeen | [personal profile] accidentalspark | The Hunger Games [novels]
Terrance Ward | [personal profile] traumatizing | Marvel [616]
Xavin | [personal profile] skrullbucks | Marvel [616]
Loki | [personal profile] notofasgard | Marvel [cinematic] (AU)
Natasha Romanoff (the Black Widow) | [personal profile] duplicities | Marvel [cinematic]
Tony Stark (Iron Man) | [personal profile] fe_male | Marvel [cinematic] (CR AU)
Pietro Lehnsherr (Quicksilver) | [personal profile] checkthetapes | Marvel [Ultimate]
Charles Xavier | [personal profile] theboysoldier | Marvel [X-Men: First Class] (AU)
Sean Cassidy (Banshee) | [personal profile] these_fish | Marvel [X-Men: First Class]
EDI | [personal profile] thatisajoke | Mass Effect
Garrus Vakarian | [personal profile] thearchangel | Mass Effect
Kasumi Goto | [personal profile] heygotaminute | Mass Effect
Legion | [personal profile] cohesions | Mass Effect
Liara T'Soni | [personal profile] asari_scientist | Mass Effect
Miranda Lawson | [personal profile] ancillary | Mass Effect
Thane Krios | [personal profile] tablepuncher | Mass Effect
Grey & Model A | [personal profile] alternatealbert | Megaman
Michiko Malandro | [personal profile] cashflow | Michiko to Hatchin
Éponine Thénardier | [personal profile] allaloneagain | Les Misérables [musical]
Kurt Sterling | [personal profile] huckster | original
Tintakki | [personal profile] shortlived | original
Joe | [personal profile] originaljoe | The Protomen
Tom | [personal profile] manlyphysique | Ruby Quest
Gabriel | [personal profile] just_desserts | Supernatural (AU)
Lara Croft | [personal profile] lady_adventure | Tomb Raider
Nemesis Prime (Convoy) | [profile] knightfordarkness | Transformers [Alternity]
Shockwave | [personal profile] notsoloyal | Transformers [Dreamwave Comics] (CR AU)
Skyfire | [personal profile] notyourchauffeur | Transformers [G1] (CR AU)
Soundwave | [personal profile] allshock_notalk | Transformers [G1] (CR AU)
Deadlock | [personal profile] driftlock | Transformers [IDW]
Sideswipe | [personal profile] stabbywheelfeet | Transformers [Live Action]
Soundwave | [personal profile] slenderbot | Transformers [Prime]
Gem | [personal profile] survivethesiren | Tron (AU)
Eric Northman | [personal profile] areafive | True Blood
Elena Gilbert | [personal profile] braveandstupid | The Vampire Diaries [television]
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Hey, everyone, this is the OOC post for the Asphodel log.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, or suggestions please post them here. At the end of the week, or whenever you feel your character's thread has reached a logical conclusion and you're ready to move on and return to the station, please post a summary of your character's CR, basic opinions, which cheerleader they hate the most, and a quick recap of what generally went down.

It seems like a weird AC, but it's really just something I'd appreciate for clerical reasons, and something that could help people who don't have time to read everything.

If/When you do post that, please put a header: OOC RECAP - CHARACTER NAME

(This one is strictly for my benefit, really, but I would very much appreciate it.)

In regards to this post specifically:

Log or Action OK.

Reasonable New Areas OK.-- If you want to tag an area not listed, before the speech, outside, or something more specific than what is listed, feel free to make a new tag to the post itself. Please add the location into the header.

Wobble-Time OK.--Shepard's speech is, effectively, the first thing that happens. To tag before that, please just put something to that effect in the header. Similarly with dating the next day, late that night, etc.

Speech thread tagging OK.--Feel free to tag any immediate responses to other characters in the Speech thread. Shepard won't be answering them, but that's a viable header to post under.

All technology is bullshit.--So, aside from the storm and the topography, the supply crates are littered about to help make CR easier. The general environment is very spartan, and the crates will only really have things that a military group would toss into them (rations and not cakes, single wool blankets not comforters), but if you want to godmod the content of them, or any relevant reasonable technology (i.e. there's a portable microwave to cook that terrible ration you're gonna eat but it has no weight setting) go for it.

If your character wants to look over tactical data, but doesn't want to chill in the war-room, Shepard and/or any of the Normandy Crew could logically give them a digital copy, or they could steal a physical copy from the war room. (They're in the...making this easier on everyone box, but hardcopy can't go back to the station for...obvious reasons.)

I hope this helps! I don't want the limits of the IC situation putting insurmountable constraints on CR.


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