2 Nov 2012

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Hello Sing! Yeah, I know, we've had a lot of mod posts lately; I promise they'll ease up soon.

We'll be putting up an ad on this month's [personal profile] app_this_plz meme when it goes up tomorrow, and what we'd like from you are any character requests you have. Just fill out the form below and leave it as a comment to this post, and we'll toss it in our ATP ad. Thanks!

Please leave in the <textarea> tags!

Expect a post on the fourth wall event later tonight or tomorrow!
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I hate to do this right after the changeover, but Ash is going home. (For handwaving purposes, she disappeared in the teleporters during all the post-Hypatia-takedown shuffling around.)

It's been good, Singlings. See you around. ♥
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I hate to add to the drop pile just when the game's getting back on its feet, but I'm going to be letting go of Nepeta here. Feel free to assume that she disappeared after the takedown mission finished up and everything kind of hit the fan.

I will still be tagging my event log until it reaches its conclusion, however! So don't worry about being left hanging because of this. Thank you guys for giving me a really fucking awesome game experience - this is the first place I ever officially played Nepeta and it will always be a dear place in my heart.
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The installation of our new station AI has been more or less a success, but the Rift is still there, and it turns out Hypatia's had more protocols in place to keep things stable than Delta's been able to work out right away. With that in mind...

Event Details

From Sunday, November 4th to Saturday, November 10th, characters who are not currently in Singularity may play here. For the purposes of this event, we've set up a side-community: [community profile] singularityevents. The stickied post there has instructions for joining, and even current members must go through it.

Feel free to go ahead and send in requests now; we'll accept them, but we won't turn on posting until Sunday.

Outside Characters

This event welcomes canon-original, AU, CRAU, OCs, and unlimited duplicate characters. If you are not familiar with Singularity's setting, please read through here for details. We also expect you to adhere to our usual gameplay standards and rules, including relevant power-damping.

If you bring a character who is not currently at Singularity and wish to app them, you'll be free to keep any memories from the event. This event will be considered game canon. Details about how the characters leave at the end of the week will be posted next week as part of the event.

Posting Format

Logs, action tags, and network posts are all acceptable. Please make sure all threads for this event are posted to [community profile] singularityevents, and not the usual comms. This only applies to the fourth wall event; all other posts should go to the appropriate game comms.

ETA 11/4: Since there have been questions about this: this means that if you want to make a network post or an open log and have it open to fourth wall characters, please make it in [community profile] singularityevents. If you do not want to participate, just put the post in [community profile] singularityrpg or [community profile] singularitylogs as normal. This is just a way to opt out of the event if you'd rather not get involved with outside characters, since this is a game canon event.


That's easy; just ignore the event comm! Keep in mind that all events will be game canon, though. Please keep an eye on the OOC comm, though, because these outside characters might not be the only things that get through the rift next week...

Questions? CR Plotting?

Comment below!


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