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December Plot: Weather in Space

Hello, Singularity!

As mentioned previously, our metaplot will be light this month, but we plan to get it moving at the end of December/early January. In the meantime, you’ll want to dig out your coats and umbrellas, because Sacrosanct’s got some weather problems.

A few days ago, Arthur ([personal profile] soldad) was attempting to make repairs to Kurzweil’s medical controls, but he accidentally tripped the automated security measures. The system’s locked everything out, and until it can be rewritten, the zone is in for some turbulent weather.

  • Week 1 (12/4-12/10): Heat wave! Temperatures will be above 90° F/32° C every day, and the air will be particularly dry -- moisture production is down. Near the end of the week, there will be extremely high winds (enough to take down trees), with a chance of a few small tornadoes popping up around the zone.

  • Week 2 (12/11-12/17): Thunder, lightning, and lots of rain. Temperatures will fall back down to a brisk 40° F/4° C on average, and though the wind won’t be as bad as the previous week, it’s still wise to watch out for flying debris. Any buildings struck by lightning will have their circuits fried and will need to be repaired.

  • Week 3 (12/18-12/25): Snow, snow, and more snow. While it’ll start out light, the snow won’t let up until the 25th and will have accumulated at least 4-6 by then. The temperature won’t get much above 15° F/-9° C. Better bundle up.

(You can find all of these dates on the game calendar!)

Additionally, with the advent of the holiday season, some of Hypatia’s subroutines will be coming back online. They will manifest through some service drones with a heavy dose of holiday spirit, who will try to decorate everything in sight. Get too close, and that’ll include you. If left to their own devices, the end result isn’t going to look pretty.

Feel free to run with it as you want, but if you’re interested in something a little more involved, just sign up for a Mission, which might involve anything from chasing down rampant drones to dealing with last year’s Robot Santa, who hasn’t fared the last year all that well.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask below, and have fun!

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