24 Oct 2012

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Hello, Sing! Larissa here with the plot for the next (and final!) phase of the Hypatia Plot. If you need a refresher, please check out Hiku’s posts recapping what’s gone down so far. We do apologize that it's taken this long to get this up! Hiku had some RL things come up, and we had to work with what we already had to get everything straightened out.

Now, because one big log would be at best a complete mess, we’ve opted to split up the final assault into a couple of different logs. The objective is to deactivate Hypatia’s three control towers before taking over the main control room. Each tower will have two teams assigned to it, a hack team and an assault team. The hack team will break through Hypatia’s security while the assault team will fend off the various mooks she sends to slow them down.

If you were in the game for the potato plot, we’re planning on setting up the logs in a similar way -- there will be a writeup with what you can expect to find and how it’ll end up, and you can then use the elements there as NPCs. If you weren’t in the game, this is an example. Because the teams are small, you should be able to play through them however you like -- just write in whatever you’re facing as you want and run with it.

If the logs aren’t finished, it will be assumed that your characters completed the task. However, if you cannot finish the log but your threadmates want to, please let them know. You may write out your character however you like, whether by having them fall to their enemies or simply godmoded along with the other characters. Please be respectful of your fellow players if you cannot complete your part of the log.

These are the teams we’re going with, edited slightly from Hiku’s last post, but we can still make changes if necessary. Please contact the other members of your team! We've set up threads below, but you can also use the player contact post -- if they’re not on there, check their character journal (and remind them to post their info!). If there’s someone on your team who isn’t interested in participating, either sort it out with them (their character will be godmoded along or killed in the process) or let us know so we can rearrange teams.


Once again, please let us know if the teams need to be rearranged. We’re planning on getting the event logs up in the next day or two, and while we can still make changes at that point, ideally we’d like to get everything squared away beforehand.

Mod-controlled NPCs may interact with your characters as the logs progress, mostly Hypatia. If you would like something in specific to happen, please let us know, but otherwise we’ll drop her in randomly.

With that in mind, we need one of the tower teams to volunteer for heavy NPC involvement. One of the teams is going to run across Salome/Maria, and this log needs to be completed -- it’s very important for the post-Hypatia plot. If you’re interested, please comment in the thread below, but only if you can commit to writing out this part of the plot. Of course, if something comes up, it’s understandable, but this is something that will require a faster pace of tags than the usual speed of the game and will need to be fully plotted out beforehand. Do not volunteer if you cannot complete it.

That should be it! If you have questions, leave them in the thread below and we’ll get to them ASAP. Otherwise, just use the team threads below to make plans! We're aiming on having the plot logs up in the next day or two.


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