28 Oct 2012

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Please let us know under the headers below if your character has or will be significantly injured or killed through this plot. If you would like an NPC mod to thread part of it out, we would be happy to; otherwise, feel free to control the NPC enemies yourselves and do it.

You do not need to use the main death page for deaths incurred as part of this plot.

If you plan to drop the character through death in this plot, remember to use the drop post when you have finished tagging. Otherwise, your character will respawn on November 1st in Kurzweil.
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Hello, Singularity! Larissa here with the final OOC details for the Hypatia assault. All of the logs have been posted in the [community profile] singularitylogs community, and you're free to start threading!

Please keep the following points in mind:

➨ The scenarios we've provided are a guideline, not a script! You're free to handwave the details and technology as you go. Unless otherwise implied by your log, you can go ahead and pull in hostile NPCs wherever you choose. Remember, the OOC information is provided for your benefit, as a heads up, to help you all in progressing through the plot -- it doesn't mean that your characters have to follow it to the letter.

ICly, all the characters on the mission will have the IC mission briefs. In many cases they won't have any idea what's coming, but that’s half the fun, isn’t it? Additionally, there are some twists and surprises that have been omitted from the OOC information and will be sprung on the teams at the worst possible times. For fun.

➨ Establish a tagging order amongst your teammates right off the bat. Remember to track your threads! (If you don't have a paid account, you can track the post itself or check manually.)

➨ If you are unable or unwilling to complete the rest of the log, let your teammates know. Don't just leave them hanging! If you are unable to continue a log, for whatever reason, please let the rest of the team know! We can handwave, give basic godmodding rights, or whatever else will make this whole event easier on you.

NPCs will spontaneously tag into your threads. This will occur when a new enemy appears, something goes awry, or something changes! They’ll be doing it to make your log more exciting! When that happens, just continue the existing order following the NPC tag or contact your teammates OOCly to change up the order.

➨ Feel free to tag in action or prose. If you find one or the other distracting, please talk to your teammates and find out if anyone has a preference. Generally speaking, though, it’s all good.

➨ If you have any questions about what your character can do or change, please ask. We want this event to be fun and as painless as possible, but with something this large there's bound to be some confusion. If you find yourselves at an impasse, because you need intervention to push the plot along, or you’re just not sure where to go, please let us know.

We're here to do the heavy lifting and organization -- you're here for fun. If there's something we can do to make it better, we're more than open to suggestions. You can use this post or contact us directly.

➨ We've set up a separate post for injuries and deaths. While we'll be following all of the logs, we do need a centralized place to keep track of that sort of thing. If you want your character to perish before the end of the event, please drop a note there and let your teammates know. If you want your character to take a (specific) injury, it’s also a good place to note it. If your character suddenly takes an injury, please post so we have a record.

ICly, the assault will take about a day's time. OOCly, it will last as long as we need it to, but it will be assumed that by November 1st (when apps open) the station will be under new management. Feel free to put up post-event posts then, but as things usually are here, you can backtag as long as you want.

➨ Following the event, Kurzweil/R01 will be the only residential zone online. Reliable power will only be guaranteed in three neighborhoods clustered together. This will increase in the next few weeks and months as part of the metaplot. Characters will ICly know this ahead of time, so if there are things they want to keep from the other residential zones (which will be completely offline) they'll need to move it prior to the assault.

We should have the remaining information page changes done by the time apps open, and will post an OOC post detailing the changes then.


As you may have heard, there's a hurricane headed towards the East Coast. I (Larissa) am directly in its path, and there is a very high chance I will be without power and/or internet during parts of this week. NPC work will be split up between the mods (and Hiku); if you can't get in touch with me, please go to one of them. There's no way of knowing what the situation will be until the storm hits, but if I can't get reliable access enough to post here, please check [plurk.com profile] singmods for updates on who is available. Weather permitting, though, I'll be around as much as I'm able.


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