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Information: Game Index

game index

This is a listing and brief explanation of all game information pages. They are also accessible through the navigation footer on all pages.


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[community profile] singularitylogs - Logs community
[community profile] singularityooc - OOC community
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contact and faq

Mod Contact
Mod roster and contact information. Comments are screened for private inquiries.

Player Contact
Locked entry for player contacts. Comment to add your information.

Frequently Asked Questions. Please comment here with unaddressed inquiries.

IC and OOC

Description of the game premise and in-game terminology.

Maps and Locations
More detailed information on the zones.

OOC rules and metagame explanation of power limitations and life on the station.

A roster of current known or active NPCs.

Synopsis of the world prior to gameplay.

Plot Archive
IC events and major changes to gameplay.

apps, drops, and hiatuses

Taken characters listed by canon.

App rules and explanation. Post applications in comments. Applications are open the first half of each month.

Reserve a character. Singularity allows challenge apps, but a reserve guarantees the team will wait until you post before reviewing any challenges. Reserves are open the second half of each month.

Hiatus & Drop
Announce a hiatus or drop a character. Hiatuses for less than one month do not require mod approval. There are no grace periods for drops.

requests and record-keeping

Character Requests
Approvals for items, canon updates, and character modifications.

Plot Requests
Propose plots and events with widespread effects.

Request a mission for character or game development.

Details on game death; record character deaths here.

Game events and other relevant dates.

Welcome to Sacrosanct. Please watch your step:
game index
mod contact - player contact - faq
setting - maps & locations - gameplay - NPCs - history - plot archive
taken - applications - reserves - hiatus & drop
character requests - plot requests - missions - deaths - calendar
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