10 Aug 2012

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Seems like the drop train just keeps on rolling. Letting go of Rattmann here, since he's sort of become really difficult for me to play at Sing through other drops and such.

I'm very sorry to everyone he's had cr with (especially Wash-mun as I totally dropped the ball on that log ack) and want to say thank you all very much for tagging him. I had a ridiculous amount of fun while I was playing.

Still here with Nepeta, though! Can't get rid of me that easily.
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...Or something like it, anyway. Thanks Google.

Hello all! Larissa here with a plot to shake things up a little bit - and what better way than dinosaurs in space?

So, about a week ago now, Wash ([personal profile] articletwelve and York ([personal profile] neverknocks) took a job for Hypatia to fix up a malfunctioning teleporter in Garden Zone 08. Unfortunately for them, it didn't go so well -- the teleporter was right in the middle of Sacrosanct's dinosaur territory. While they managed to fix up the teleporter enough to get through it themselves, they were in too much of a rush to double-check the work, and... well.

Now it's really malfunctioning.

From Sunday, August 12 to Friday, August 17, dinosaurs will be randomly popping out of the teleporters. What these dinosaurs are is up to player discretion, but expect a good number of (Jurassic Park-style) velociraptors, T-rexes, compys, you name it. (Here's a top ten list if you need some ideas!) Extra-large dinosaurs like Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus probably won't be able to fit through the teleporters, but T-rexes and dinosaurs around that size will have plenty of room.

There will be as many dinosaurs as necessary -- basically, use your imagination. The way the teleporter is broken is that when dinosaurs go through, their patterns are stuck, and even if the starting teleporter is destroyed a couple of days into the event, they'll still be caught in there until they run out on Saturday. There will still be dinosaurs left in Garden Zone 08 afterwards, since the ones that pop out are basically just respawned copies.

Anyone can NPC the dinosaurs as necessary, so long as there's no godmoding. Get permission before another character gets mauled or killed.

Of course, someone needs to go take care of things. I do need volunteers to take out the teleporter that's causing all of this - just comment in the thread below if you're interested. Wash and York will have a vested interest in fixing it, obviously (and Madi and I are totally okay with them taking the blame for the whole mess), but I'd much rather have other characters involved in the actual strike. (Something short of a nuke should do fine.)

ETA: I think we're good on volunteers, but if anyone's got any other ideas just let me know and I'd be happy to figure something out.

Feel free to use this post for plotting!

If you'd rather not run into any dinosaurs, teleporters in Residential Zone 12 and Garden Zone 06 will not spawn dinosaurs. Chalk it up to a programming error.

Any questions (or if I forgot anything), just toss 'em in the thread below.


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