6 Apr 2012

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You didn't Hypatia would miss an opportunity to throw up silly decorations and torment her guests, did you?

Easter Mini-Event

Starting Friday morning, each character will (at your personal discretion), awaken to find mechanical storks bringing them a very special package (or packages, if you want to play Hard Mode). Each bundle contains a large, egg-shaped drone (scaled appropriately to their recipient) with some vague, cartoonish resemblance to the "parent." They babble, coo, burp, and generally act like small children sans limbs. Your job? to care for them.

What's the point?
Hypatia will be scoring everyone with an egg on their level of parenting skill. A live scoreboard will be publicly available via the network for characters to check on their ranking. Prizes will be awarded Saturday night. Players will need to reply to this post with how well their characters do on a scale from 1-100.

What if my character is a bad parent?
If characters go more than 20 feet, or do not interact with their egg within a 20 minute span, the egg will explode in a shower of confetti. Congrats, it's full of candy and chocolate! And a note on how bad you suck at parenting. Additionally, there is no punishment for failing, or terminating your own egg, save for an automatic score of '0.' And the shame.

What do we get for participating?
On an OOC level, this event is completely opt-in. You don't need to have your characters participate. A single credit will be awarded as a base prize to every character who manages to get their egg(s) through 'alive' by Saturday night. There will also be candy.

Reply to this post with the following information to participate:
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Hi everyone! I'm Alma and coming fresh off of my hiatus, I'm bringing my newest character with me. This is Éponine Thénardier from Les Misérables (the musical), and she's bringing a fresh perspective to the world of crime here on Sacrosanct.

Well once she recovers, anyway. She'll be dropping in, literally, just after she has been shot and is stumbling back to the barricade. Her darling Marius has wibbled at her a bit that he'll stay with her until she dies, and then, instead of this tiny bit of blessing in an otherwise horrible life, she is instead going to fall into the junkyard, shot and bleeding to death; yanked right on out of his arms.

Good times, right?! :D

Once I've had a day or two to settle back in from my vacation, I'll post her intro (likely after the various events happening over the next week). To everyone else that's joined Sing since I went on Hiatus last week, h'lo! *waves* I'll miss all of you that dropped the game as well... quite the changeover in a week's time!

So, watch for her and if you're interested in being her 'hero' and saving her from bleeding to death when she arrives, just drop me a note here. Otherwise, I think Mica said Tachikoma might find her. :O



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