12 May 2012

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I'm sure that effectively grabbed the attention of anyone that wasn't in the know how, right?

Okay, so, you guys know Harley Quinn and for those of you that might not, the clown is the Joker's main squeeze and hench woman; she's also, rather openly, batshit cray cray. Some days she is better than others, but overall, the broad is nuts. One thing that doesn't go well with Harley is things being quiet for too long; idle hands and all that stuff, you know?

When things are quiet, Harley gets bored... when Harley gets bored, things have a tendency to explode. Add to this that Harley knows her Puddin' hates being ignored (and that she doesn't like it much herself), and we get the perfect set up for shenanigans that will end poorly for everyone.

So, to counter this boredom and idleness, Harley is going to plant a bomb in Skyfire's hostel. He was good enough to leave it open to anyone without any sort of security features, so getting in wouldn't be much of a problem at all for this clown.

Things will proceed as thus:
1) Plant the bomb.
3) ?
4) PROFIT! 8D (aka running for her life, but details details)

Now, to anyone living in the hostel, you are not required to participate if you do not want to. You can choose to be away from the hostel, be in an unaffected part of it, or however else you'd care to handwave. We want this to be fun chaos, not stressful.

Jolta has requested that no one be killed, but injuries of various magnitudes are certainly welcome!

This will be our plotting post so we can figure out any pertinent details for the event itself. I've put in a request for it, and we should figure sometime early June for it to take place. This way, we're not caught up in the middle of another event and folks have some time to settle after school gets out.

Sooo... there ya have it! Come one come all and lets toss some ides around so we can get plans solidified and stuff! 8D


12 May 2012 04:27 pm
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I've been putting this off as long as possible, because it's really not something I want to do. I love you guys, love my CR, and think you're some of the highest-quality RPers I've had the pleasure of writing with. I've made some real friends because of this place, and my hope is that I'll be keeping more of those friendships than I'll be losing - but I'm afraid I have to drop.

It's been driven home to me in the past week that with my real-life schedule picking up in both good and stressful ways, I don't have time for a regular game any more. It's what I want, which is the worst part. I'm choosing between two good things; but the one that gets me into a better place in the real world has to come first.

This applies to Karrin Murphy and Steve Rogers. My sincerest apologies to our new Tony. I'm more than happy to finish our thread or PM to figure out how it went. And of course, my apologies to the magnificent and wonderful and amazing Tomato, and Hallie, and Mari, and Roy, and Carolyn and Dash and all the rest of the Avengers and honorary-Avengers and regulars at Avengershaus, and the Batfam and Alecmun... Shit, just everyone, man. You guys are great.



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