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Fourth Wall Event: Second Phase

Hello, Singularity! Welcome to the second phase of our Fourth Wall Event.

With the turnover in station management, many of the security protocols are still offline. Unfortunately for Sacrosanct residents, these include some of the protocols Hypatia had in place to keep the truly dangerous things coming from the rift from escaping the Junkyard.

As detailed in this log, there will be an enormous crash in the Junkyard that makes most of Kurzweil shake. If anyone chooses to investigate, they’ll find that a Reaver ship has crashed, and its inhabitants are loose and pouring through the teleporters into the station itself. They’ll be cut off after several dozen are set loose, but more will intermittently make it through over the next three days.

Shortly after the threat becomes ICly known, some old station logs will begin appearing on characters’ wearables at random. These logs cannot be saved offline, and any attempt to find them in the network will provide no results, as if they’re being moved around through the system.

Sounds like this isn’t the first time this has happened, and the last group didn’t do so well. So how do you survive?

There are bunkers beneath the currently occupied neighborhoods, but one neighborhood will need to go completely offline to provide enough power to run them. There is one medical station online, located between the two remaining neighborhoods, but there is no automated security -- someone’s gonna have to stand guard.

Of course, those willing to fight back are free to do so, but you’ll find the Reavers are a dangerous enemy -- they’ll focus on incapacitation, not killing, in order to torture their victims. They’re human, so they can be killed, but between sheer numbers and their violent tactics, most would be wise to stay away. (If you've never seen Firefly or Serenity, here's a clip to give you some ideas.)

Opt-out: If you’re not interested in participating, your character will make it into one of the bunkers early, where they’ll be sealed in and kept safe.

How will the event end? The number of Reavers will dramatically increase on Saturday, 11/10, as more and more get out of the Junkyard. The most expedient solution will be to cut life support in Kurzweil. All characters will need to go through a teleporter to Garden Zone 01, but fourth wall characters will not make it through. Any character who remains in Kurzweil will die when life support goes offline; those who are not fourth wall characters will respawn as usual after it comes back on.

Thanks for participating in our event! Any fourth wall characters apped is welcome to keep their memories of this event and emerge from a teleporter instead of arriving through the Junkyard. And, of course, you’re still welcome to bring in new characters during this part of the event! They’re just in for a lot of trouble.

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