30 Mar 2012

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HEY EVERYONE THE EVENT IS OVER! Everything is back to normal, all lost items are returned, the rift is back to normal and so on. Jin and Kimiko are also back :3

I hope you all had fun! I sure did!
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Have to go out of town unexpectedly, so I'll be AFK for 1-2 weeks. Luckily Eli hasn't really gotten involved in much yet, so this shouldn't be much of a disturbance.
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SO! As everyone knows, Jade is a crazy science genius. As a lot of people know, Jadesprite is a crazy dog ghost.

What do you get when you combine these things? You get Jade using her science skills to mess with the teleporters in order to give Jadesprite a human body! Because that works with crazy science.

However!! The powers that be obviously won't take too kindly to miss Harley futzing around with the teleporter system. In order to distract them from Jade's work, Jadesprite... will be going on a rampage through Zone 02, trying to make as much of a nuisance of herself as possible. And that's where you come in!

Due to the obvious dramatic possibilities, Jadesprite is going to be kidnapping one or more people in order to make herself more of a distraction. She's incredibly powerful, so she could kidnap your character even if they're powerful too, if you like! She needs a couple hostages to sob all over and apologize to, though.

So me and Aaron would like to know if anyone would like your characters to be kidnapped! Your character won't be harmed at all, and pretty much the only restriction we have is that we'd like the "victims" to not be Homestuckers. It loses the impact if you're kidnapping someone you know.

The kidnapping would likely take about two days- one on which Jadesprite will be actually performing the kidnapping (with help from Jade, most likely), and a second day in which Jadesprite makes an evil villain post to the network in her attempt to call attention to herself.


ETA: Okay! We have some details and a good list of people that are getting nabbed. Excellent!

It looks like we'll probably be doing this starting this coming Friday, and then over the weekend. Backtagging will happen. A lot.

As for the victims, right now we have:


GOOD GOD GUYS apparently Sing has a kidnapping fetish. OH WELL more fun.
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Ripping the bandaid off and dropping Erik. I apologize for doing this after a post and a round of tags, but I'm going to be starting a new job next week and Erik's become increasingly difficult to play. All his CR is wonderful and I'm sorry for letting anyone down, this is just something that's been a long time coming.


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