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Hello Singularity-denizens, I am Lumi and I'll be bringing Rubette La Lette from the the obscure anime, Gokudo no Manyuki. It's a little known series of half-cracked swords and magic proportions, 26 episodes of if-it-can-happen-it-will-happen-even-if-it-really-can't-happen laughs and adventure. Yes, I'm bias.

Anyway, Rubette here is of the Eshalotto nobility class, but don't worry she's not the snob type, she's quite fond of roughing it...but when she's been rightly irritated she's been known to act out violently. She's a tomboy with this thing for adventures and a strange obsession with dragons. IDK. Maybe because Eshalotto has no dragons? Anyway, Rubette is human for the most part...except for the goddess on her butt...well actually it's the mark of the goddess, but Negana Luna is actually inside of her (and her goddess powers will naturally be reduced and only available to her in the presence of moonlight...or in this case artificial moonlight being a moon goddess and all). She also has on her person a magic ring that lets her talk to animals and a magic bow. She has a horrible singing voice and a mean right hook...that's pretty much it.

I look forward to playing her here and if you want to hit me up for anything I'm super easy to reach through PM and e-mail.
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hello, singularity! i'm terrible at intros so let's just take this one step at a time, shall well? hi, my name is tsu and i'm an alcoholic and this is my first time bringing anyone to this game despite having contemplated it for like .. good lord. a year? something like that. anyway.

i am bringing with me AGENT NORTH DAKOTA from that awesome webseries RED VS. BLUE. but! here's the kicker. he's not canon. he's au. GASP. i know, right?

what kind of au, you ask? well, let me tell you. basically, it's project freelancer in the wild, wild west. so yep, you guessed it - COWBOYS IN SPACE.

also theta-horse, but .. we'll talk about him later.

app/general info is here.
hmd is here!

and even though all my contact info is on my hmd, if anyone needs me for anything or just wants to chat, i'm techburst on aim and [ profile] sensesgaveway on plurk. i'm really looking forward to playing with you all!
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hi, i'm katana, and i am bringing some harkonnen (s)waggishness to sing with piter de vries! (⊙‿⊙✿) i'm completely new here, but i know a few players (i am oli/madi's internet little sis hehe) and the minute larissa told me that sing was based on dune i just cOULDN'T CONTROL MYSELF...

so uh my hand slipped and WHOOPS i ended up apping this little guy! i'm taking piter from right after he's been promised the duchy on arrakis, and dune-familiar people might recognize him as the baron's mentat/that guy with the creepy crush on jessica/that guy who died because leto burped on him. those labels are all completely accurate. "that guy with the eyebrows," however, is not. all i want to do is forget about the piter from the dune film omg uGLY SOBBING.....

but okay let's get some realtalk in here: piter is profoundly awful, hissy little sasshole. he is made of poison and spice and everything nice. he is the grand epitome of d, rivaled only by the baron himself, and i almost feel the need to issue a formal apology about whatever shenanigans he will totally get up to orz. he's a weirdo, but i hope that people will grow to love the terrible creep as much as i do. :') anyway, you can reach me on plurk ( [ profile] lapace ) if you ever want to plot or anything, and i look forward to playing with you all! ♥

( eta 11/13: wELP i just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and i am nOT DOING SO WELL so i will be kind of slow for a bit oops that's so sad i have to quasi-hiatus like a few days after i intro way to go self omg i will be back on track soon though!!! )

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Hey, I'm Tetra and I'm new to Sing (obviously). I'll be bringing in one of the Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex -- specifically, Batou's personal Tachikoma.

Tachikoma are lightly-armed sentient tanks about the size of a car and patterned after terrestrial jumping spiders, like so. They're friendly, energetic, and absolutely cannot resist crawling all over the place and getting themselves into trouble, so there's that, too. Hope to see you around!

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But this is Mindy and I know I said I dropped Roll due to needing to readjust things and that was absolutely true.

Part of that readjusting was the fact that this guy had gotten a hell of a lot louder than she had.

I introduce you to Snare, ladies and gentlemen, aka the Sith Warrior from Star Wars: The Old Republic. Let me first and foremost apologize for the absolute ass he is, and then let me say I HOPE YOU GUYS DON'T MIND AN ANTAGONIST?????? because he lives pretty much to make others' lives miserable

I haven't finished making a full iconset for him, yet, but I plan to intro him tonight. Belatedly, but with being under the weather due to my wisdom teeth pulled as well as the weather here making me want to melt in to a pancake, I haven't been able to muster much of things for him but I will attempt to delay no longer!
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Hello, everyone. I'm a newbie and my name is Sparky. I am bringing in Marian's obnoxious little brother, Carver, from Dragon Age 2. He's the only normie in the family aside from their mother so he kind of resents Hawke a lot because of it. He's post game so he's mellowed out some and isn't as obnoxious as he could be.

I suck at intros, I really do. Let's can reach me on AIM @ strongmekachan and on plurk @ realfolkblues. Feel free to add if you're so inclined. I'm looking forward to playing with you all.
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Hi, everyone! I'm Amy, and I'm bringing in my very first character to the game: Damon Salvatore from the television series, The Vampire Diaries. He's a 170 plus year old vampire who's forever 24 (and some might say, twelve).

I'm taking him from the end of season 3, episode 22 -- 'The Departed', after his phone call to Elena and mid-fight with Alaric.

You can find out more information about Damon here in his wikia.

His permissions post is here. Damon's ability to use compulsion will be nerfed down, so it'll only work for those who are weak and/or easily influenced and entirely dependent on what you want for your character. I encourage you to fill the permissions post up, but no worries if you want to skip it. Either way, I will always discuss with you first.

I can be contacted via AIM at notaroyalprat, or feel free to add me on Plurk at colormyspoon.

Looking forward to tagging around. :)
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Another brand new player here, you can all call me Alric!

I'll be bringing Chicago's only professional wizard, Harry Dresden, to Sarcosanct! He's big, lanky sarcastic goofball, just be mindful of making any villainous monologues or picking on innocent people around him. Harry has little patience for evil and bullying, but plenty of fire and terrible one-liners.

Harry will probably be a bit under the weather at first, thanks to arriving straight after the events of the latest book in the Dresden Files series, Ghost Story. But once he's had time to settle in, he'll be sure to do everything in his power to get his nose all up in Sarcosanct's business.

If you need to contact me for any reason, I'm kusinagi42 on AIM and my plurk is [ profile] Mad_Aric

And before I sign off, a big shout out to my enabler Mandy- your resident Molly Carpenter!
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Hey everyone! Totally new person here, bringing in Darth Nox/the Sith Inquisitor from Star Wars: The Old Republic. He's a Sith with a serious back-stabbing problem, and a cunning, manipulative little bastard who looks way too young to be on the Dark Council (and by all rights, is).

I was roped in here by Wicke, who apped that lovely Imperial Agent. I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist canon-mates.

If you wanna plot with me, you can contact me on Plurk at [ profile] misteeeer.

Looking forward to this! This game looks absolutely amazing, and that cast was to die for.


15 Jul 2012 11:38 am
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Hey, all.

This is Lauren, who you may remember as that one person who played Gamzee AUs. Having taken some time to get myself better situated with this character as a whole, I now bring you the straight up canon version - taken sober out of act 6, intermission 1. I'm a little more confident about my interpretation now, and I'm glad to have the opportunity to try him here again.

I'm also glad to just be back here in general. I missed you guys!

For those of you unfamiliar with the character, he's just another troll from Homestuck who happens to be a creepy clown with a dirty mouth. He's taken from a later point than the previous canon version that was played here, and because of this he's quite a bit different now.

I have a permissions and HMD post for him here, which I encourage you to use if you have any issues with him. It's completely anon enabled.

See you guys in game!
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HELLOOO Wicke here, shoving my butt in before I gotta vacate the premises (being this uncomfortable desk)

I normally play that paste-eating nincompoop wizard Hawke ([personal profile] wilywilyways), but I'm trying out that whole having two active characters thing again. This new gal's name is Jituss, or Mohj'itus'stre as unpronounceable by the vast majority of organics outside her species. She's from Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Imperial Agent, and the futuristic blue space babe equivalent of James Bond.

She's also going to be stalking the hell out of you people. Keeping tabs. Familiarizing herself with your dirty laundry. Here is where to let me know if that's not okay (or if it's very okay), so please don't hesitate to ping. \o/

IC intro goin' up whenever I get around to finishing her iconset, ahaha.


11 Jul 2012 09:26 pm
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my name is Hika, and I-- I just managed to get this little nerd into your fabulous community. this nerdy 16 year old that likes to dress up in red and blue pajamas and run around fighting baddies. he seems to have a spider motif that just... won't quit. ever.

but yeah, so for the uninitiated? this is one (1) Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man... or at least as he appears in Marvel's Ultimate lineup. somewhat unfortunately, he's falling in with carried over CR from another place, in which he was costume-less and forced him to attempt to recreate his webshooters and his webbing. which is one of the only things you really need to know about that...

a-anyway. yes. hello~ so excited to get to play with you all~ :3 if you wanna hit me up for plottings, i'm goldeyeflower on AIM, and hikaranko on plurk. say hi any time you like! just- don't forget to introduce yourself?

+1 intro

9 Jul 2012 01:57 pm
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Hellloooo Singularity.

I am your resident Tai, mun of Clove ( [personal profile] puncturing ), who is mean and a hissyface. Since she's mean and a hissyface and also because I fucking love Inception and would marry it if it were possible, I'm bringing in a more personable character, this guy here. AKA Arthur from Inception!

He's a point man, which actually means tech-y researcher guy, and he knows how to steal ideas out of your mind - but he doesn't have his nice little mind stealing device (yet) so you don't need to worry about that. Aside from that, he's also a huge information stalker.

Which means yes, I have a permissions post. His application, with all it's hellacious tl;dr about setting (five pages why ) is over here.

Other than that, it's great to bring him in! I look forward to creeping on all of you

You can contact me on AIM at hellotaifoot or on plurk at [ profile] cocksandtaiwan !

I lied.

6 Jul 2012 07:11 pm
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So, I lied last app round when I said Sokka would be my last character.

I'm not sorry about it at all.

Okay, bringing you Billy Kaplan only he's CR AU and comes from after his time at Abax. All the info is up on his application. There are a few characters he'll recognise since he spent a few months in the city.

Any way, contact info is the same as always, AIM: ImpulsiveCrime and plurk: Zakurai

I'll do an entry eventually o7!
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S'up guys, Feo here and I'm finally bringing in another character! \o/

This here is Teddy (Hulkling) from Marvel's Young Avengers, and unlike our old Teddy he's coming straight from canon, just towards the end of Children's Crusade, but prior to proposing to Billy!

I haven't played him in a while, so hopefully I won't be too rusty, but be patient as I get my bearings. His IC intro will be up momentarily.

Right. Yes. Uh, plurk I am [ profile] nocookiespanic feel free to add me :D
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HEY ALL it is I, oliver/madi/however you know me, your resident AU York and Harry Lockhart player, bringing you a brand spankin' new character, one Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13!! Claudia is the resident spunky go-getter tech girl and she is here to fiddle with your toys and break your technology and generally be cute and nosy. SUP EVERYONE.

Since Claudia is a world-class hacker and it's not so much of a matter of "she can" but "she will", I have set up a permissions post for anyone who might be okay with her breaking your encrypted transmissions and messing with your wearable. It's pretty much all in the name of curiosity, though. There's also some fourthwalling permissions in there because Claudia's a big scifi/pop culture nerd and there's plenty of that here.

AS ALWAYS I am reachable on plurk at [ profile] runawayballista, hit me up if you would like to plot c: her IC intro is going up shortly on the network too.

ETA: OOPS I FORGOT TO MENTION canon point is after s3e7, after they bring home Trailer the dog and find out Sally Stukowski is a BIG OL FAKE, so she's been around for a while but has not gone through the clusterfuck that was the second half of season 3.
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Hello! I'm one of the many hundreds of thousands of Alexes out there in the great wide world, or Alexis if you get sick of trying to figure out who I am! I know several of you here already, and I am super psyched for the chance to play with you guys again. And for everyone else, I'm super psyched to get to know you!

I'm going to be playing Stephanie Brown from mere moments/days before the unspeakable disaster that was the War Games arc, but also from a four month stay on an island of HORRIBLE MONSTERS. [community profile] the_devils_see is a horror/survival game, and this particular incarnation of Steph is a bit more violent and paranoid than you might expect. Also she's Robin! In case the icon didn't give it away!

Anywho I'm very excited to be here and I can hardly wait to intro her.

ETA HERPA DERP I'M A LOSER you can add me at [ profile] flamingchemist
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Hello, Dash here with my second active character after Miranda Lawson. Coming in with Amon aka Noatak aka Biggest Hypocrite aka Most Character Backstory Shoehorned Within The Span Of Twenty Minutes.

Amon hails from Avatar: The Last Airbender's sequel series, The Legend of Korra. He can kinetically control water and the blood inside of a persons's body because that's a thing he does. And also something he despises -- it's complicated. In his spare time he likes to practice his skills in stage make-up and over turning governments.

Also, he's crazy. More split personality/more often than not quieter than the grave sort of crazy. For more information please see his permissions and restrictions post over at his journal. This is kind of important given the spoilerific, and potentially triggery aspects of his character.

You know. Kid's show stuff! [/sarcasm]
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Heeeey guys!

Zak here with my third character. Hoping to be the last.

Anyway, I bring you the amazing, the spectacular, the ultimate SPIDER-MAN SOKKA OF THE SOUTHERN WATER TRIBE /fanfare!

For those who don't know, Sokka is from Avatar: The Last Airbender and awesome series. His app and HMD are on his journal so feel free to take a look.

His canon point is Book 3 from when he gets his sword.

Contact is the same AIM: ImpulsiveCrime plurk: Zakurai
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Hey everyone. Kate here (Peeta Mellark's player), bringing in Edward Nygma from Batman: The Animated Universe. Better known as The Riddler.

He's a narcissistic douche who has an OCD compulsion with/addiction to puzzles, riddles, games, etc. He'll be scheming and clogging up your videos with all kinds of obnoxious things for his own amusement. I apologize in advance, as I'll be trying to aspire to genius insanity.

His intro post is here. Please drop on by! Feel free to hit me up by PM, on plurk ([ profile] grayace), or on AIM (banditpenchant) for plotting or anything!