2 Jul 2012


2 Jul 2012 09:14 am
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Hi everyone, Mari here! :3

I am going on vacation yaaaaaaaaay my first out of state vacation in like, five years. I'll be at RTX in Austin, TX from Thursday the 5th until Monday the 9th, and since I still have some prep work to do (and I haven't been super active the last week anyway) I'm calling a hiatus from now until I return.

Once I get back, you can expect that Cathy will be around for ALL OF THE SHENANIGANS.

This affects [personal profile] ranfromnormal. Godmode rights go to Roy and Alex while I'm away o7 But she'll pretty much be laying low at the Apple and generally staying out of trouble. For now.
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S'up guys, Feo here and I'm finally bringing in another character! \o/

This here is Teddy (Hulkling) from Marvel's Young Avengers, and unlike our old Teddy he's coming straight from canon, just towards the end of Children's Crusade, but prior to proposing to Billy!

I haven't played him in a while, so hopefully I won't be too rusty, but be patient as I get my bearings. His IC intro will be up momentarily.

Right. Yes. Uh, plurk I am [plurk.com profile] nocookiespanic feel free to add me :D


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