2 Dec 2012

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Hello Singularity-denizens, I am Lumi and I'll be bringing Rubette La Lette from the the obscure anime, Gokudo no Manyuki. It's a little known series of half-cracked swords and magic proportions, 26 episodes of if-it-can-happen-it-will-happen-even-if-it-really-can't-happen laughs and adventure. Yes, I'm bias.

Anyway, Rubette here is of the Eshalotto nobility class, but don't worry she's not the snob type, she's quite fond of roughing it...but when she's been rightly irritated she's been known to act out violently. She's a tomboy with this thing for adventures and a strange obsession with dragons. IDK. Maybe because Eshalotto has no dragons? Anyway, Rubette is human for the most part...except for the goddess on her butt...well actually it's the mark of the goddess, but Negana Luna is actually inside of her (and her goddess powers will naturally be reduced and only available to her in the presence of moonlight...or in this case artificial moonlight being a moon goddess and all). She also has on her person a magic ring that lets her talk to animals and a magic bow. She has a horrible singing voice and a mean right hook...that's pretty much it.

I look forward to playing her here and if you want to hit me up for anything I'm super easy to reach through PM and e-mail.


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