13 Jul 2012

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Hey all,

I'm sorry but it seems I just cannot keep concentrated on Sing. Life's just hitting me too hard right now and my concentration just wont allow for it. As much fun as I've had playing Pinkie for a short while (and Serenity Rose) I'm afraid I'll have to bow out. I don't know if I'll be back but I know any decision on that wont be made until next year when things finally settle. IF they settle. GOD I hope things settle.

I've had a lot of fun being here and playing with you! Keep being awesome, I look forward to hearing about more shenanigans in the future!
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HELLOOO Wicke here, shoving my butt in before I gotta vacate the premises (being this uncomfortable desk)

I normally play that paste-eating nincompoop wizard Hawke ([personal profile] wilywilyways), but I'm trying out that whole having two active characters thing again. This new gal's name is Jituss, or Mohj'itus'stre as unpronounceable by the vast majority of organics outside her species. She's from Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Imperial Agent, and the futuristic blue space babe equivalent of James Bond.

She's also going to be stalking the hell out of you people. Keeping tabs. Familiarizing herself with your dirty laundry. Here is where to let me know if that's not okay (or if it's very okay), so please don't hesitate to ping. \o/

IC intro goin' up whenever I get around to finishing her iconset, ahaha.


13 Jul 2012 05:49 pm
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Not really feeling the game after all. It was fun while it lasted!

So long, folks o7
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So I dropped off the face of the Earth from June 29 - July 4th. I did not lose power, miraculously enough!

I did lose Net access at home, though, and since work blocks everything and I have nobody's e-mail address saved I couldn't actually let anyone know I was on hiatus. (Although now it occurs to me I might have had the mods account somewhere. FAIL.)

But I've been back online for over a week and still have had no desire at all to tag or even throw my characters in memes. None. Nada. On top of that I've started getting involved in community theater again, and with work getting crazier I've got less and less free time. I've been putting this off for a while, hoping I'd get back my drive to play, but it's just not happening.

I've met some really fantastic people playing here and I feel like I'm letting everyone down by dropping, especially since I had plans for shenanigans, but it's equally unfair to character squat. So I'm going to have to bite the bullet and drop Betty Ross [personal profile] itsokay and Ro Rowen [personal profile] thecarisboring.

Betty and Bruce's lab and experiments remain intact in Avengerhaus for anyone remaining to poke through. Probably nothing potentially destructive, though, Betty was mostly studying samples from the station's Garden Zones.

I've had a great time here, and you guys have been awesome to play with. I'm still around at [plurk.com profile] littlebulldozer and [personal profile] mandolin if you want to keep in touch. Apologies to everyone I had CR with and had plans with.

Maybe I'll be back someday. Thanks, all. ♥



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