16 Jul 2012

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Another brand new player here, you can all call me Alric!

I'll be bringing Chicago's only professional wizard, Harry Dresden, to Sarcosanct! He's big, lanky sarcastic goofball, just be mindful of making any villainous monologues or picking on innocent people around him. Harry has little patience for evil and bullying, but plenty of fire and terrible one-liners.

Harry will probably be a bit under the weather at first, thanks to arriving straight after the events of the latest book in the Dresden Files series, Ghost Story. But once he's had time to settle in, he'll be sure to do everything in his power to get his nose all up in Sarcosanct's business.

If you need to contact me for any reason, I'm kusinagi42 on AIM and my plurk is [plurk.com profile] Mad_Aric

And before I sign off, a big shout out to my enabler Mandy- your resident Molly Carpenter!
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Back from SDCC! I missed you all. ;A;

[personal profile] killswithbrooms and this boyo are now back in business.

I'm Back

16 Jul 2012 07:13 pm
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Yep I'm back from SDCC--I'll be backtagging everything I can, but I won't feel hurt if you decide to drop the thread...it's going to take me a few days to get back onto things to be sure. I won't take Erik out of the teleporters just yet, though.
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Hi, everyone! I'm Amy, and I'm bringing in my very first character to the game: Damon Salvatore from the television series, The Vampire Diaries. He's a 170 plus year old vampire who's forever 24 (and some might say, twelve).

I'm taking him from the end of season 3, episode 22 -- 'The Departed', after his phone call to Elena and mid-fight with Alaric.

You can find out more information about Damon here in his wikia.

His permissions post is here. Damon's ability to use compulsion will be nerfed down, so it'll only work for those who are weak and/or easily influenced and entirely dependent on what you want for your character. I encourage you to fill the permissions post up, but no worries if you want to skip it. Either way, I will always discuss with you first.

I can be contacted via AIM at notaroyalprat, or feel free to add me on Plurk at colormyspoon.

Looking forward to tagging around. :)


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