11 Jul 2012

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Hi boys and girls! Getting ready to end my hiatus and kind of ease myself back into the flow of things pretty.

Anyone up for giving me a rundown of what I might have missed?

Also, if anyone wishes to continue any of the threads I dropped, please just let me know. Things got just downright overwhelming in life and I got no RP done at all over the last few weeks.

This means Harley, Eponine and Zhaneel are all back for threading opportunities. <33
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So, uh, how'd you like that unannounced 'Kyra falls off the face of the Earth' thing? Was it good for you?  :D 

Okay, not funny. :(  My participation here has been in the 'slim to none' category recently and I just wanted to apologize.

teensy paragraph of details you can feel free to skip! )

So, I'm, uh, asking for help. I really, really don't want to drop because I love this place and the people and my CR and everything, so I'm asking/hoping/begging maybe someone would be kind enough to help me and do something with Deadlock here?  I'm looking at what I've missed and feeling entirely overwhelmed and could really use a lifeline. ;_;


11 Jul 2012 09:26 pm
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my name is Hika, and I-- I just managed to get this little nerd into your fabulous community. this nerdy 16 year old that likes to dress up in red and blue pajamas and run around fighting baddies. he seems to have a spider motif that just... won't quit. ever.

but yeah, so for the uninitiated? this is one (1) Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man... or at least as he appears in Marvel's Ultimate lineup. somewhat unfortunately, he's falling in with carried over CR from another place, in which he was costume-less and forced him to attempt to recreate his webshooters and his webbing. which is one of the only things you really need to know about that...

a-anyway. yes. hello~ so excited to get to play with you all~ :3 if you wanna hit me up for plottings, i'm goldeyeflower on AIM, and hikaranko on plurk. say hi any time you like! just- don't forget to introduce yourself?


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