11 Jun 2012

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Mun of [personal profile] theboysoldier/AU Charles Xavier here with a second character. A hideous insane giant spider god thing, a member of a race called Weavers.

App's on her journal, feel free to check it out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Weaver has a somewhat higher mentality than most species', and as such can see patterns and ripples around people. (She's a web-weaver on like an eighth-dimensional level; in her world, everything and everyone is woven into a web of insane vastness. Most of her motivation is centered around the web and making it beautiful.)

What this means is that she can see patterns of behavior/consequences around your character, if you want. Could be fun to play with. I'll always be sure to ask before she actually does it, though.

IC intro post probably coming tonight or tomorrow!
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Hi, Singularity! I'm Charlie, and I am inflicting this rocky angstball on everyone here. Or, really, forcing him to have everyone inflicted upon him.

Zelgadis is coming from a canon form, taken from the end of Slayers Evolution-R. If you haven't seen the new series yet, I highly recommend it, and also apologize if I inadvertently spoil you. If you've never seen any Slayers, it's a ridiculous swords and sorcery anime from the 90s that is kind of impossible to explain in one sentence which is why my app was gigantic. Everything's very up in the air for where I'll be taking him, since I like to play things by ear, but I'll figure it out as I go along. Zel likes to think he's a pretty serious dude, but survey generally says otherwise.

Also, this is my first run with a journal-style RP; I've come out of nearly a decade and a half of forum/bbs-type games, but Oli is an enabler and gently suggested that I app Zel here, so we'll see how this goes. I'm pretty excited to be here!

I have a contact post set up here, but the short version is that you can catch me as drawzel on both AIM and plurk.
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Hey everyone. Kate here (Peeta Mellark's player), bringing in Edward Nygma from Batman: The Animated Universe. Better known as The Riddler.

He's a narcissistic douche who has an OCD compulsion with/addiction to puzzles, riddles, games, etc. He'll be scheming and clogging up your videos with all kinds of obnoxious things for his own amusement. I apologize in advance, as I'll be trying to aspire to genius insanity.

His intro post is here. Please drop on by! Feel free to hit me up by PM, on plurk ([plurk.com profile] grayace), or on AIM (banditpenchant) for plotting or anything!
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Because the world needs more horrible, clearly.

Hello, I am Meek.
I bring to thee an AU Loki. Monster app can be found in the journal but the main points of his AU are found in the profile here. His timeline is taking from the end of Thor so he's going to have no idea what is up in this joint. Good times.

Superdooper important for fellow MCU and for fellow Marvel players:
There are two really big events that go down in this AU that don't in the OU that will make for "buuh what?" times, particularly with Thor and, uh, himself and this is that
1. Thor kills Laufey. Loki, emotionally forked like he do --
2. decides to set the bifrost to overload on Asgard.

Awyeah. He is less likely to admit the ladder point cause you know.

I can be caught by either aim (bonepistol); plurk ([plurk.com profile] sonofbelial)
I will accept conversations, concerns, criticisms, schemes, plottings, and horned cows.



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