16 Mar 2012

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Hi, my name's sAmmii, and this is my first RP on Dreamwidth!

Not to fear - it is far from being my first RP, or even journal-based RP.

About me, then. I'm 33 years old, live in Northern Indiana. Hold a degree in political science and an ABT masters in Irish History and Politics. (I'll write that thesis someday...I swear). My emphasis was on terrorism and ethnic conflict, with my research on consociational methods of peacemaking. Derp. I'm a geek, yes.

I've been RPing since I started college in 1996, and I've RPed everything from Les Miserables to Twilight to True Blood to Supernatural.

I'm very excited to be bringing in Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games. He's my favorite character in the series because I love his complexity and the tragedy of the character, and I'm looking forward to exploring those parts of him that Katniss never sees.

I'm still reading around and figuring out exactly what's going on here, making sure the rules are straight in my head, but I would love to plot with anyone - canon-mate or not.

Can't wait to get started and meet all of you!
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First, this is a reminder that Activity Check begins in two weeks on April 1st, so now is the time to start rounding up posts, or make them if you're falling short. AC is one network or log post with comments, or 15 comments in another person's post. For this round all activity since moving to DW counts, so we don't anticipate any reasonably active players having trouble with it. Characters accepted in March are exempt.

Currently, we have a lenient activity check, and we loosened it even more for the move, in anticipation of complications which, happily, didn't occur. Our AC schedule worked just fine when we were a smaller, slower game, but that's no longer the case. Space Prom went to 3,000 comments in a week, and we are facing the fact that our little game is all grown up and ready to borrow the keys and wreck the car.

We have no intention of instituting an unreasonable AC, but we do need to make it more stringent to keep inactive players from affecting their casts and other CR, and there is plenty of room to tighten things up without AC becoming unmanageable. We are currently leaning toward keeping AC bimonthly, but increasing the total number of posts/comments required, probably with a mix-'n'-match system that will accommodate various play styles. However, we'd like your input before making any changes, hence this post. What would you like to see out of a new AC policy? What would you not like to see? We know people would like to have a purge list posted at the end of the AC period. Anything else?

Any changes will not affect this AC round.
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I'm sorry this is so sudden.

In reality, it's been nagging at me constantly, that there are certain aspects of my life that fell to the wayside since I first started journal RP in 2009, and the dawning realization came tonight that, if I wanted to move on in my life, something had to give. I have to leave journal RP altogether.

I'm so so sorry but it's easier for me to just cut cold turkey then draw anything out. You are all fantastic lovely people and I'm sorry to leave you in the lurch like this, but at the moment RL begs my full attention.

I hope to be back someday, but unfortunately I can't really say when.

If anyone wants to keep in touch, I will be maintaining my gmail account (themetaloves you at ye old gmail) and my AIM @ EleiShar, and will probably continue to maintain my tumblr at volcanicexpression. I plan on closing down my plurk shortly because I mostly used it for RP purposes.

Take care, be safe, and have fun in life.



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