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Information: NPCs


This page lists current NPCs that exist in-game. NPCs are major plot-centric residents in the world of Singularity, and are played by moderators.

Players may request interaction with specific NPCs through either the missions or the plot request pages.

A full-length image of Hypatia's blue-white hologram, a slender, pale-skinned woman with long dark hair who looks human and wears a close-fitting jumpsuit.

Hypatia ([personal profile] ascens)

Age: Unknown
Personality: Hypatia is Sacrosanct's original caretaker AI. She also oversaw the terraforming of Asphodel. In some ways, you could say Sacrosanct was Hypatia; there was no part of the station she did not absolutely control, and she could be anywhere and everywhere at once, as needed.

Most of Hypatia's programming and design notation are classified. Hypatia was quite possessive of Sacrosanct's visitors, although she tended to think of them more like test subjects than guests. Nevertheless, she was always there to aid them, unless it's more interesting not to.

Hypatia is currently offline, after a successful assault by station residents, but whether she was destroyed or merely assimilated in the process is something that remains to be seen. The current overlord AI is Delta, [personal profile] alaspooryork.

Salome ([personal profile] fleshcult)

Age: 25
Personality: Independent and intelligent, Salome functions as the de facto leader of the Resistance. Daughter of Lev and the first fully organic Ixian to survive past childhood, she has long taken advantage of her position. Racist against cybernetics, including her own elders, but she keeps it in check to maintain the peace. Headstrong and capable of wielding the power she has, but also quite capable of masking herself to appear more vulnerable. Despite being surrounded by those who worship her, Salome frequently operates on her own.

Welcome to Sacrosanct. Please watch your step:
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