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Information: Taken Characters

taken characters

Age of Fire

Wistala | [personal profile] avengerofjade | canon

player: Edaigoa


Stephanie Brown | [personal profile] dearbatdiary | canon

player: Sarah

Dragon Age

Bethany Hawke | [personal profile] fadedsunshine | canon

player: Varis

Marian Hawke | [personal profile] wilywilyways | canon AU

player: Wicke


Piter de Vries | [personal profile] mentat | canon

player: Katana

Gokudo no Manyuki

Rubette La Lette | [personal profile] antidamsel | canon

player: Lumi

The Hunger Games [film]

Clove | [personal profile] puncturing | canon

player: Tai


Arthur | [personal profile] soldad | canon

player: Tai

Kingdom Hearts

Roxas | [personal profile] swordisakey | canon

player: Megan

Mass Effect

Commander Jane Shepard (Renegade)| [personal profile] cmdr_renegade | canon AU

player: Hiku

Commander John Shepard (Paragon) | [personal profile] vanguard_charge | canon AU

player: Nri

James Vega | [personal profile] notromanceable | canon

player: Stupei

Kaidan Alenko | [personal profile] allianceman | canon

player: Varis


Samus Aran | [personal profile] chozobloodrites | canon

player: Sarah

Red vs. Blue

Agent Carolina | [personal profile] myturn | AU

player: kiwi

Agent North Dakota | [personal profile] noscope | AU

player: Tsu

Agent Washington | [personal profile] articletwelve | canon

player: Larissa

Agent Washington & Epsilon | [personal profile] edgeoflucidity | AU

player: Empyreal Dragon

Agent York | [personal profile] neverknocks | AU

player: oliver/madi

Delta | [personal profile] alaspooryork | AU

player: Anarin

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Imperial Agent (Mohj'itus'stre) | [personal profile] conspirator | Canon AU

player: WICKE

Snare | [personal profile] darktrollofthesith | Canon AU

player: Mindy


Rinzler | [personal profile] enslavedslayer | AU

player: Empyreal Dragon

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