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Information: Deaths

so, you've died

When a character dies, they are respawned from the last teleporter they went through. Likewise, if characters attempt to leave Asphodel's orbit in a shuttle, Hypatia will remotely detonate the shuttle after 48 hours, and trigger spontaneous discorporation of the character's atomic structure, after which they'll respawn like under any other circumstances.

Respawn works by recreating a character from their fundamental atomic state at the moment they pass through a teleporter. Hypatia stores all of this information in her visitor database, checked against previous records and updated for its certification. The backup includes the exact state of a person's brain chemistry and cognition patterns at the moment of teleportation, so it acts exactly like a save state.

When a character dies and respawns, they will have forgotten everything that happened to them after going through that last teleporter. Note that this does not affect either in-game events or other characters' memories, but just that of the character respawning. Players are still completely accountable for any effect this may have on their CR.

While we don't expect players to keep track of every single teleporter characters go through, we'd like players to give at least a best guess of how much time they have lost. This helps not only the mods but also the other players your character has CR with.

There is no limit to the time between death and respawn. It may be instantaneous, or it can be up to several weeks later (if players want to use it for a hiatus).

NOTE: Respawning is an experimental technology. One possible risk for respawning is accidental mutation. While the risk is small (below 0.00001%), and most mutations are harmless and invisible (the average human has over 100!), on occasion these can be dangerous (or embarrassing). At the moment it is left up to player discretion whether respawning will cause a defect. If the mods feel a character is dying and respawning too often, they may insist on a penalty.
Fill out the following form to report your character's death:

IMPORTANT! To keep this page clean, for all first deaths with a character, make a new comment. For all subsequent deaths, reply to your own comment. This will help things stay organized and expedite the process for players.

mutations and illness

Mutations gained from respawning can range from invisible mutations to skin conditions, allergies, impaired senses, etc. Major disabilities and life-threatening conditions like blindness, impaired motor function, bone deformities, and cancer are all possible, but need mod approval, and should be treated respectfully.

Please keep in mind that Sacrosanct's medical facilities and the Underworld's illegal medical markets can both cure or effectively treat most conditions quickly and painlessly. All life-threatening conditions (for example, major organ failure) are treated immediately in Sacrosanct's hospitals, regardless of the character's work credits. Non-life-threatening defects, on the other hand, might require work credits to fix, or a heavy favor with someone in the Underworld.

abusing respawn

We want the respawn system to be fun and helpful without opening it up for exploits. The following are things we consider abuses of the system:
  • Excessive deaths in a very short time frame.
  • Spawncamping, whether or not it's a legitimate IC strategy.
  • Using respawn to escape consequences of character actions.
As stated elsewhere, in-character actions mean in-character consequences. Whether a relationship or a murder plot, players cannot use respawn-induced amnesia as a CR reset. Characters are always accountable for their crimes, regardless of whether they remember them. As for relationships with other characters, let us remind you that amnesia never saved anyone's love life.

Welcome to Sacrosanct. Please watch your step:
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[personal profile] doppelcoder 2012-01-26 04:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Alan Bradley
Character Journal: [personal profile] doppelcoder
Your Name: Odd
Date of Death: Jan. 25th
Estimated Time Since Going Through a Teleporter: Only a few hours prior to his death.
Major CR or Development Affected: NPC was the murderer; massive fall out expected.
What Number Death is This For Them?: 1
Are You Giving Them a Mutation?: No
Edited 2012-01-26 16:46 (UTC)
deathmaiden: (Default)

oops almost forgot to post this

[personal profile] deathmaiden 2012-02-20 07:31 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: The Handmaid
Character Journal: [personal profile] deathmaiden
Your Name: Marion
Date of Death: 2/14
Estimated Time Since Going Through a Teleporter: About an hour before the counter for the prom entrance began ticking, since she knew about not going through a teleporter afterward.
Major CR or Development Affected: She didn't talk with anyone that day, so no.
What Number Death is This For Them?: 1
Are You Giving Them a Mutation?: No
twotailmechanic: (sad)

[personal profile] twotailmechanic 2012-03-11 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Miles "Tails" Prower
Character Journal: [personal profile] twotailmechanic
Your Name: Nikil
Date of Death: 3/10/12
Estimated Time Since Going Through a Teleporter: A few hours before death
Major CR or Development Affected: I don't believe so, since I don't think I'll be putting up a post of him dying.
What Number Death is This For Them?: 1
Are You Giving Them a Mutation?: No
articletwelve: (✖ i'm done.)

[personal profile] articletwelve 2012-03-13 11:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Agent Washington (OU)
Character Journal: [personal profile] articletwelve
Your Name: Larissa
Date of Death: March 10
Estimated Time Since Going Through a Teleporter: No more than half an hour.
Major CR or Development Affected: Wash will have fuzzy memories of being sick and of CT and York helping him, but not much in the way of details.
What Number Death is This For Them?: 1
Are You Giving Them a Mutation?: Nope!
arisen: (Default)

[personal profile] arisen 2012-03-22 12:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Aradia Megido
Character Journal: [personal profile] arisen
Your Name: Mekky
Date of Death: March 24
Estimated Time Since Going Through a Teleporter: About an hour.
Major CR or Development Affected: She'll be alone when she collapses/dies, so there shouldn't be anyone else affected by her memory loss.
What Number Death is This For Them?: 1
Are You Giving Them a Mutation?: Yes! Kind of?? Because of the nature of her death (pushing her powers to her limit during the temporal distortions part of the rift event). I talked this over with Vic before, and she approved it; I want Aradia respawned, except... without her body. So basically just. As a soul/her essence. How the hell do I play a soul, you ask! Good question. During Christmas, Aradia received an empty Aradiabot shell, which is the robot husk she used when she was previously dead in canon. It's been doing nothing but collecting dust since she got it, and she'll be taking up residence in it again. Her soul can just... occupy a robot body out of some weird Homestuck logic, idk. Being a robot doesn't give her any powers that she doesn't already have, she'll just be... metal. She will eventually be returned to her original body somehow, probably via robosplosion.
extinguishescandles: slimer (say hello to my ghosty friend.)

[personal profile] extinguishescandles 2012-05-23 06:20 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: John Egbert (CR AU)
Character Journal: [personal profile] extinguishescandles
Your Name: Katar
Date of Death: 5/22
Estimated Time Since Going Through a Teleporter: A few hours, at most.
Major CR or Development Affected: Nemesis Prime is leaving him for dead and CRAU Rose will find him and stay with him until he eventually dies. He will also be leaving his Pokemon with her. He went through a teleporter since his initial conversation with Nemesis when he was still uncorrupted, so he will still remember him. What he won't remember is the whole him turning into a zombie and shooting him thing. Nor will he remember that he left his Pokemon with Rose.
What Number Death is This For Them?: 1
Are You Giving Them a Mutation?: Nope!
halfheartedcurse: (♥ Mama help me)

[personal profile] halfheartedcurse 2012-05-24 08:55 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Eve
Character Journal: [personal profile] halfheartedcurse
Your Name: Surge
Date of Death: 5/23
Estimated Time Since Going Through a Teleporter: 30 minutes
Major CR or Development Affected: Murdered by Legion, who she was staying with and who she decided was her surrogate robot dad. Recorded publicly on a live feed. Will be extremely nervous around Legion for the next month or so. Will have and intense dislike and suspicion of glowing purple objects for the rest of her time here.

Is now aware her body explodes upon death and that her items need to be retrieved from it.
What Number Death is This For Them?: 1
Are You Giving Them a Mutation?: Nope!
soldad: (huff huff)

[personal profile] soldad 2012-08-21 02:21 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Arthur
Character Journal: [personal profile] soldad
Your Name: Tai
Date of Death: August 15th/16thish
Estimated Time Since Going Through a Teleporter: Hour, maybe two hours.
Major CR or Development Affected: Not much, though he won't remember anything that was done to fix the teleporters and will be surprised to find out that the dinosaurs are gone yay.
What Number Death is This For Them?: 1
Are You Giving Them a Mutation?: Nope!