29 Nov 2012

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hi i'm mindy i dropped nemvoy a while back BUT

i still have this guy. AND I STILL WANT TO PLAY. However I am a scaredy butt who has fallen behind as all heck and in dire need of A) a recap starting with the whole Hypatia thing and B) ideas for CR.

I HAVE TO OFFER YOU A PSYCHOPATHIC SITH APPRENTICE who would be more than happy to mess with anyone and everything for no other reason than 'for the lolz'. Would anyone care to assist me getting him back in the swing of things here?
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Welcome to Singularity's community How's My Driving!

What is the HMD? The HMD is an optional meme in which players can receive concrit and feedback on how they handle their characters. Please remember to be constructive in your feedback; flaming will not be tolerated on this meme.

Please note that while receiving positive feedback is also nice, it's much nicer to know exactly why someone might think they're doing a good job. Try to be specific as possible, although there's no rule saying you have to.

Anon commenting is on for this HMD, although if this is a privilege and not a right, and may be taken away if abused. If you wish to participate, just comment with your character name, journal, canon, and if applicable, any notes about your character you want to add. If you'd like, you can also link to your own personal HMDs, but it's not required.
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Hello, Singularity! Just a couple of quick things today.

➨ The game HMD is up!

➨ We need volunteers for our December plot! Right now, we need 2-3 characters to sign up for a mission that will fail, and which will affect all of Kurzweil. If you’re interested, please comment in the thread below-- we’ll take the first 2 or 3 interested players/characters.

The metaplot will be light this month on account of the holidays, but Missions will remain open. If you’re interested in getting involved in the game plot, that’s the place to go.

Applications will open on 12/1 at 12:01am EST!

➨ Our bimonthly Activity Check will be held from 12/1 through 12/7. You will need to provide one piece of activity (1 network post + comments, 15 of your comments in another network post, or 5 of your comments in a log) between 9/14 and 12/7. Characters apped in November do not have to provide activity, but should reply for recordkeeping purposes.

➨ The [personal profile] app_this_plz meme goes up this weekend! If you have any character requests, just fill out the form below and leave it as a comment to this post. If you filled it out last month and want it reposted, just comment and let us know.

Please leave in the <textarea> tags!


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