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hi i'm mindy i dropped nemvoy a while back BUT

i still have this guy. AND I STILL WANT TO PLAY. However I am a scaredy butt who has fallen behind as all heck and in dire need of A) a recap starting with the whole Hypatia thing and B) ideas for CR.

I HAVE TO OFFER YOU A PSYCHOPATHIC SITH APPRENTICE who would be more than happy to mess with anyone and everything for no other reason than 'for the lolz'. Would anyone care to assist me getting him back in the swing of things here?
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hokay SO

Hypatia was ousted, the station has a temporary AI in place -- Delta! Jituss played her part by being team hacker and applying kolto packs where necessary, + fighting horrible nightmare necromorphs called Stalkers because those were what I found first and wrote them in without digging further to find out how terrifying they were. seriously i'm a fuckin idiot

Most of the station didn't have enough support to have sustainable living, so it was restricted to a few blocks of neighborhood temporarily.

4th Wall happened! An Inquisitor and some creepy conniving Hunter asshole from SWTOR showed up. All was well and good until Firefly!Reavers started pouring out of the Junkyard. Some people went into bunkers, others stayed outside (Jituss made a moral compromise by picking them off using hit-and-run tactics).

Eventually there were just too many people and errbody had to flee to Garden Zone 01. And this is how they got rid of the Reavers!

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Wicke covered most of it! Ever since the Reavers, things have been fairly quiet; characters are taking on missions to start cleaning up the station. Screwing with the station is very much an option, though, so if you want to plot something out for that just let me know and we can figure something out. C:

If you've got any other questions, just ask!

ETA: There's also an opening for a mission that's gonna fail, so if you want to throw him in there to screw with things you're more than welcome.
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