23 Jun 2012

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Alright, I've randomly matched all the characters signed up with others to create a master body swap list. If I've missed anyone or matched a mun up with their own characters, just tell me here, and I'll fix it. As before, I'll accept questions in case there's anything unclear. You can also use this post to generally plot with everyone else.

The event begins on the 25th and will last until the 1st of July. After the 1st, when your character uses a teleporter, they’ll return to their own bodies.

body swap list )
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Duo has found his gundam Deathscythe in the junk yard. He doesn't exactly have any place to put it so once it was out of the Junk Yard he moved it over to an empty lot year Skyfire's hostel where he currently lives. It's basically just an empty acre, and it's kneeling down between two buildings. It currently has no weapons and is lacking it's buster shield. People might have seen it flying over or walking around prior to parking in this lot. As far as Deathscythe's specs, Deathscythe is still full sized but is beaten all to hell. Completely battle worn.

I mention this mostly because I wanna get it out of the way before the body swap plot and also maybe enable a thread about it right here in my open thread. Multiple people/threads welcome.

If you want to plot anything with me regarding the gundam throw it up in this thread please. Thanks.


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