2 Apr 2012

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Hello Singularity! Ammay here, bringing you all the option of a plot that's going to be starting on April 8th and run to April 14th. What event you say? Well, it's quite simple really - it's the

even if we kind of had one already whoops

Anyway, this event is opt-in for everyone who wants to join in and goes like so:
The teleporters and the rift seem to out of whack, and everyone who steps into the teleporters steps out of them as a chid or, if they're already a child, and adult. The thing is that instead of just being themselves but younger/older, they're actually from that point in their lives. Of course the switch means that they won't have any of the memories of what occurred when they return, but a simple check on the network should get everyone up to speed.

For example, Thor would now become the equivalent of a bratty ten year old prince who wants to destroy everything. Opting out is extremely easy - either they haven't used a teleporter or they just use one that's magically unaffected.

Thanks guys, and feel free to use this post for plotting, general questions, and what have you!


2 Apr 2012 10:06 am
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SOOOO. I kind of have an Anime Boston thing going on, and because I was finishing my cosplays I have not been tagging; because I am going to Boston, I will not be tagging. XD

So. Like Ahhhnold, I'll be back.

After Sunday. April 8th.


Only applies to the nun here.


2 Apr 2012 08:45 pm
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Well, I tried. I've been debating this for a while and my motivation to play him in this setting just won't come back. I'm character squatting with him at this point and it's not really fair to do so. Especially with upcoming activity check (which was supposed to happen yesterday if I remember correctly.) Perhaps I might bring him back at some point, but for now he'll be heading home.

I'm still here with Tails, so you haven't got rid of me yet.


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