10 Jan 2012

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Hey guys
Its Surge
Yeah OOC intros are something y'all can do when you get in
Just FYI
I apped another character because reasons
actually it's all Vic's fault
So when Breakdown sits on you character's house and breaks it and doesn't give any fucks
remember which mod to blame
(hint: Vic)
(Also Nie a little bit)
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Hello Singlings! Roy here, dropping in with a new character. There's been a bit of change-up to my roster, I dropped a couple people during the course of the move (yet still somehow have four characters...) and am now bringing this guy in.

'This Guy' being Terry McGinnis, aka Batman. Feel free to do any and all 4th walling as relative to the Batman side of his persona, but I'd rather that nobody know that Terry=Batman, at least right off the bat. He's gonna be pretty invested in keeping his identity a secret.

Stay excellent, Sing. ♥
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Hey everyone, this is Dha again (CT-mun) with this guy here: Sam Flynn from TRON: Legacy. I'll be hitting up the CR meme with him tonight (he does have a thread here!) and altogether getting even more pumped to play him post-move.

For those who know the movie, he's from right after Castor/Zuse betrays him but before his dad and Quorra show up to save his stupid ass.

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Oh hi there everyone! This is Jayde, bringing in a new character: Jack Walters from Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. It's a horror game based on Lovecraft, particularly a certain pair of stories (A Shadow Over Innsmouth and A Shadow Out of Time) Don't know them? Don't worry! Here's what you need to know about Jack.

Here there be list )

Jack is showing up right after hanging himself. By the time he sends out his first post he'll be partially recovered but still in the hospital.

tl;dr, Jayde has a psychic, schizophrenic detective from the Roaring Twenties. Hooray!
Go bug him on the Hat Trick Meme if you like, or set up plotty things on the CR with Me(me) or Plurk at me directly.
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Hello everyone! This is your friendly neighborhood Pat speaking (I also play Deadpool).

In three days time, our good friend Hank McCoy will be joining us on Sacrosanct.

A few things I should note:

- This is Beast from the comic books. The biggest difference is that in the comics, he looks more like a big blue cat rather than a big blue hairy ape thing.
- As with all the other new characters, he won't be able to start posting until Friday. Sad times.
- When he first arrives, his higher brain functions will have been psychically disconnected and he will be covered in blood (for explanation, read Astonishing X-Men, you uncultured swine).

That last thing I should probably be a little more specific about.

I'm not 100% certain how exactly I'm going to play this, but I think Beast will chew the wearable off of himself and accidentally turn it on with his teeth, which will broadcast his angry snarling and howling to everyone before running randomly around the space station. At this point, anyone who volunteers will have an angry mindless Beast show up to them in person, which they can fight off, attempt to talk down, or perhaps kill if someone wants to take it that far. I probably should do this in a log, but I'm kind of going for a public humiliation thing here because I'm a terrible person.

Ultimately, Emma Frost will restore his higher brain functions and result in a rather awkward public apology from Hank.

But yeah, if you want to let me know now that you intend to throw someone at Beast on his first day, that might give us a chance to plan ahead in case you want to have some kind of epic battle or funny shenanigans.
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Skiiies of bluuuu—ohfuck a dragon!

Hi, this is Mica again with this girl here to break up the all robot characters all the time motif I have going here. I guess I lied when I said that I only play robots and cyborgs now. They are currently too mainstream.

Dragons are the new thing.

She is going to come in after a period of...uh...not killing things, and she will desire to kill and eat the first thing she sees. Which will hopefully be a person.

...and hopefully a person who will make it known to the network that a big scary dragon is trying to eat them.

Any volunteers?
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Considering I suck at intros, lets... make it brief. /o\

Blanche here, the player behind Alex Mercer ([personal profile] curbstomping) with a new, and much more social, character from Red vs Blue: Agent North Dakota ([personal profile] violetgreentrim, played by Jude Law).

Uh, yeah! I posted him to the elevator meme overe here if anyone's interested in threading before I get around to intro-ing him. o7 Unfortunately said intro won't happen until like, 21st of January, considering that I'll be gone most of the next week (wooo work).

OTHERWISE UH, I can be found on plurk at [plurk.com profile] perfectassassin, which along with e-mails and PMs is the best way to contact me (full contact info is over here).

/slides out, sob


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