2 May 2012

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Hello! My name is Katar and I'm bringing with me one John Egbert of the CR AU variety. He's spent the last year and almost-a-half over at [community profile] route_29, living in Johto. So basically the he's a Pokemon trainer. He has a few of his magical critters with him but he's not going to be too happy to learn that most of them were left behind when he was space-kidnapped. Kids get attached to those things, you know?

His CR chart can be found over here. I glanced over the taken list and there are a few cross-canon people here that he will recognize and know the names of, but that's about it. The few duplicates that there are were people that he only had a few conversations with, nothing too substantial. So you don't have to worry about being snared into CR with this little booger or anything if you don't want to talk to him. That being said, if you see your character's name anywhere on this chart and you DON'T John to interact with them AT ALL, let me know over on his permissions post. Comment screening is on, it's no biggie, and I won't be offended. If you have any questions regarding pre-existing CR then feel free to ask it here. Homestuck cast, obviously like half of this does not even apply to you because you're stuck with him. WOW I HOPE THIS MADE SENSE? I'm sorry if it didn't, it's 4:30am over here and I should not be trying to brain.

His permissions post also has a font opt-out and fourth-walling permissions which, I get the feeling is going to be important in this game because wow there are a lot of recognizable fandoms here. (Fun fact: John had a Rotom named Tron back in Johto.) And finally, his app has a more in-depth explanation of how he differs from OU John as well as having all that fun canon point and powers crap if you're curious. And what Pokeymans you can expect to see running around your space station from now on.

I won't be introing him until after the fear gas event ends, fun though that looks. Until then you can get a hold of me on aim at cupfulofstardust or on plurk at [plurk.com profile] robokatar. I look forward to playing with you all and I am so sorry that this intro got so long fkasdj;lfjasf.
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Hello singularity. I'm Ki, and I am playing Rose Lalonde from Homestuck! Or, at least, a version of her. This girl has lived in [community profile] route_29 for about a year and a half now, and because of this, she's a Pokemon Trainer! Well, she was actually a breeder but that's a little moot at this point. She's accompanied by six of her little friends (all very friendly).

This means that she might know your character. So I would like to turn your attention to this post! Basically as it says there, if you'd rather she not know your character, that's where to let me know. There's a link to her CR chart so you can figure out if she does know them or not as well so you don't need to hunt that down or anything.

Another post I'd like you to take a peek at is her Permissions Post. Specifically speaking the Homestuck Text opt out. Rose actually doesn't use text all that often anymore, but she's also not against it. So if you'd rather not see that orchid font, that's where to go!

Other than all of that 'official' stuff out of the way aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I am so excited to be playing with you all! She won't be appearing until after this event, but I will be all over that once it is. If you'd like to contact me, you can reach me on aim at breedslilacs or plurk at [plurk.com profile] therapeuticGuns! Gosh, so excited I just can't sit still.
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Hello, Singularity!

My name is Lae and I am completely new to Sing but I have always heard a lot about Sing and I am very excited to be joining you all!

I am bringing in Charles Xavier as a CR AU. In a nutshell, he follows X-Men First class canon right up to the point on the beach just before he gets shot. That is the canon point I started him out with in [community profile] counted_stars. He spent 6 months at [community profile] counted_stars where he worked closely with Erik, Alex and Sean as well as met X-men from the future. Also of use was learning handle datapads and other nifty high level technology that they did not have in the 1960s so he's not completely lost here on Sacrosanct!

[community profile] counted_stars was set against Star Wars events that were 4,000 years before The Phantom Menace around the period of the Jedi Civil War in the time of the Knights of the Old Republic. There is greater detail about the universe Charles was in on his application which can be found right here if you are interested. And no, he did not bring a lightsaber with him.

Also of importance is his Permission Page. If you have a chance please go and take a moment to read it over and fill it out. If there is something about your character that I have not addressed on that page and you would like to discuss it, please feel free to PM me!

The quickest ways to contact me are PM to this journal or e-mail at Laekhund at gmail. com.

Again I am looking forward to meeting everybody and will probably IC intro Charles in the next few days! :D
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Fuck yes caps. OKAY. Sup, I'm Scotty and I'm bringing you yet another Erik Lehnsherr from X-Men: First Class, this one a hideous CR AU from, yep, [community profile] counted_stars just like the other lovely Charles that OOCly intro'd 8D

Erik too is from the beach scene in Cuba, just before the whole bullet thing going down, but his time @ CS has basically punted him post-movie with several minor caveats, all addressed in his conveniently linked application for your perusal.

He spent about 7 months at CS before the game dropped to musebox status and basically declared mutantkind still superior to everything else and now has a raging hatred for anyone from Star Wars. Just so you know. Plus he's also well aware of the 616 Erik & Charles as well as futureverse movie Erik & Charles and other things in between (like sentinels, thanks marvel), so all these things about alternate timelines? Highly plausible. o/

Contact wise I'm easily reached via AIM @ ependymocyte as well as DW PM @ this account and an IC intro will probably go up this weekend after I get off my Avengers sugar high.


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