14 Apr 2012

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I'm back on the interwebs! The move went well and I'm kickin' it in balmy Florida AS WE SPEAK. Hell yes :Db

And of course that means Jensen is back from his... oh I don't know, wonky teleporter I guess. Anyone I was threading with back in the day, drop me a line if you'd like to continue? Otherwise I'll just push forward and go tag Finnick because HNNNGGG Finnick ♥.

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A small spacecraft, approximately the same size and design as the shuttles available on Sacrosanct, has been destroyed in close proximity to the station. The craft was tracked from the surface of Asphodel, originating from one of the many carbon factories.

Characters are free to note the similarities between the craft and station shuttles, as well as the origin (Asphodel), and the speed with which clean-up crews sifted through the debris. A maintenance bay in Residential Zone 11 has been closed off to accommodate the recovered wreckage. All transport between the station and planet has been temporarily suspended*.

There is no word on the crew.

Shuttles to and from the surface of the planet will be unavailable for one week.
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As of the end of the aging event, Jade and Jadesprite are going to start kidnapping the people that we had talked to at the beginning of the planning stages! This means in the magic space-time that is RP, sometime in the past day.


The way this will work:
- Jadesprite is going to make a post being evil and also having kidnapped people!! Yes!
- While Jadesprite is being evil, Jade is essentially tearing a teleporter apart in order to access the memory files, or the "save files" that are created whenever a character walks through one. Using a file of her own from approximately this time last year, Jade is going to create a new "save file" for Jadesprite, giving her a brand new body. She is also going to poke around through the memory system for a little bit, and attempt to figure out how the whole thing actually works for Karkat's sake. But mostly she's focused on getting her other self a new (human) body.
- Jadesprite is going to get crushed by a building! Yes!
- All of the kidnapped people will have spent a day eating cupcakes and being treated remarkably well for kidnapees.
- Tomorrow evening, Jade is going to make a post about her research on the teleporters, also showcasing Jadesprite's ~brand new body~ and apologizing to those that got kidnapped.
- The mini-plot will end!

Jade will have made one of the teleporters inaccessible in Zone 02 for these days, and it will be broken for a few hours after the event ends. Because she is tearing it apart to get to the memory systems.

For those who are being kidnapped: I have a few questions.
ONE: are you still okay with being kidnapped for today/tomorrow?
TWO: Do you want a LOG? This log would be for playing out said kidnappings; we're willing to actionspam or prose tag with anyone who wants to, provided there's some interest. Otherwise, we're more than happy to handwave it.

Also a convenient list of those being kidnapped under the cut:
spring awakening is really dramatic plotting music )


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