10 Nov 2012

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hi, i'm katana, and i am bringing some harkonnen (s)waggishness to sing with piter de vries! (⊙‿⊙✿) i'm completely new here, but i know a few players (i am oli/madi's internet little sis hehe) and the minute larissa told me that sing was based on dune i just cOULDN'T CONTROL MYSELF...

so uh my hand slipped and WHOOPS i ended up apping this little guy! i'm taking piter from right after he's been promised the duchy on arrakis, and dune-familiar people might recognize him as the baron's mentat/that guy with the creepy crush on jessica/that guy who died because leto burped on him. those labels are all completely accurate. "that guy with the eyebrows," however, is not. all i want to do is forget about the piter from the dune film omg uGLY SOBBING.....

but okay let's get some realtalk in here: piter is profoundly awful, hissy little sasshole. he is made of poison and spice and everything nice. he is the grand epitome of d, rivaled only by the baron himself, and i almost feel the need to issue a formal apology about whatever shenanigans he will totally get up to orz. he's a weirdo, but i hope that people will grow to love the terrible creep as much as i do. :') anyway, you can reach me on plurk ( [plurk.com profile] lapace ) if you ever want to plot or anything, and i look forward to playing with you all! ♥

( eta 11/13: wELP i just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and i am nOT DOING SO WELL so i will be kind of slow for a bit oops that's so sad i have to quasi-hiatus like a few days after i intro way to go self omg i will be back on track soon though!!! )


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