3 Oct 2012

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Hello everyone!

That Asphodel Log is amazing, you guys, and I'm so jazzed about it. I don't want anyone to take it that this means they can't tag or even hop into that, if they hadn't had the chance and still wanted to (I'm still tagging that log in a myriad of places), this is just to keep everything moving along cheerfully so we don't make everyone wait around too long.

Now that Shepard has threatened and/or grilled half the people on Sacrosanct and everyone has had a chance to sit down and think over what's going to happen, everyone is free to go back to the station. In the interests of not writing out another slightly threatspirational speech and making you all read it, we can all assume that, before anyone was let out of that bunker, Shepard reminded them that Hypatia will brutally murder every single one of them if she finds out about what they're planning--so mums the word.

Presumably, before leaving the planet, Shepard would have assigned three man assault teams. They might not have been the final cut, but she'd have placed everyone in the most logical configuration. Now, as I'm still tagging most of those threads, and I'm slow, I'm not entirely certain what everyone will be doing during the Assault run. This is problematic because I'm not sure who is in whose team quite yet.

Instead of giving you guys these assignments, right this instant, we can fall back on the fact that Shepard talked to most of them about what their function would be, on their team. So individual training can commence even without a really detailed knowledge of who is going with who. For the first round of training, lets say everything is relatively individual. We can run some basic team exercises (for CR building) a little later.

(Additionally, I still have a long list of people who went unassigned compared to the list who wanted to be on the assault. If we're handwaving that, please mention it in your OOC recap or post here to that effect so I can make a list for assignin' purposes.

Also: if you know who you want to sit next to on the assault-mission-bus, that would be good to mention.)

For the immediate future we have training, supply stocking, and intel gathering to occupy our time. Everything beneath here is a suggestion, just to facilitate a ton of new CR. If you have any other ideas, please let me know!

So, let's get to that aforementioned juicy stuff:

So you're on the mission... )

Training et all. - That's not a knife... )

If anyone would like to volunteer their character to lead a new training section, or join one of the existing sections as an instructor, please post here! The more the merrier!

I'll toss up an open log for Training purposes, later, but everyone should feel encouraged and free to post as they feel necessary. If you are on the mission and want to practice with that sidearm we handed you, feel free to post an open log at the Normandy Haus. If you want to spontaneously start combing the junkyard for parts and pretend Shepard told you to, go nuts.

It's all good, everybody.


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