1 Jul 2012


1 Jul 2012 12:53 am
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Probably should have put this up sooner, whoops; I know I've been extra slow this week, but I'll be on a full hiatus for all of next week and through next Monday, 7/9. I may have some time to catch up on backtags, but I'll be slower than usual all around on account of vacation stuff.

Wash/[personal profile] articletwelve will be on autopilot, probably building a cat fort. Except with turrets.
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Hello, Dash here with my second active character after Miranda Lawson. Coming in with Amon aka Noatak aka Biggest Hypocrite aka Most Character Backstory Shoehorned Within The Span Of Twenty Minutes.

Amon hails from Avatar: The Last Airbender's sequel series, The Legend of Korra. He can kinetically control water and the blood inside of a persons's body because that's a thing he does. And also something he despises -- it's complicated. In his spare time he likes to practice his skills in stage make-up and over turning governments.

Also, he's crazy. More split personality/more often than not quieter than the grave sort of crazy. For more information please see his permissions and restrictions post over at his journal. This is kind of important given the spoilerific, and potentially triggery aspects of his character.

You know. Kid's show stuff! [/sarcasm]
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Hello! I'm one of the many hundreds of thousands of Alexes out there in the great wide world, or Alexis if you get sick of trying to figure out who I am! I know several of you here already, and I am super psyched for the chance to play with you guys again. And for everyone else, I'm super psyched to get to know you!

I'm going to be playing Stephanie Brown from mere moments/days before the unspeakable disaster that was the War Games arc, but also from a four month stay on an island of HORRIBLE MONSTERS. [community profile] the_devils_see is a horror/survival game, and this particular incarnation of Steph is a bit more violent and paranoid than you might expect. Also she's Robin! In case the icon didn't give it away!

Anywho I'm very excited to be here and I can hardly wait to intro her.

ETA HERPA DERP I'M A LOSER you can add me at [plurk.com profile] flamingchemist
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Hey everyone, I'm Dha and I'm bringing back CT from Red vs Blue since I think my schedule is a little more ironed out. She's bitchy, secretive, and altogether not the nicest chick around. c:

For those that know her canon, she'll still be from the end of Season 7 and the "laser-face" incident. For reference, her PB is Arielle Kebbel.

Glad to be back and I look forward to playing off everyone! <3
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HEY ALL it is I, oliver/madi/however you know me, your resident AU York and Harry Lockhart player, bringing you a brand spankin' new character, one Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13!! Claudia is the resident spunky go-getter tech girl and she is here to fiddle with your toys and break your technology and generally be cute and nosy. SUP EVERYONE.

Since Claudia is a world-class hacker and it's not so much of a matter of "she can" but "she will", I have set up a permissions post for anyone who might be okay with her breaking your encrypted transmissions and messing with your wearable. It's pretty much all in the name of curiosity, though. There's also some fourthwalling permissions in there because Claudia's a big scifi/pop culture nerd and there's plenty of that here.

AS ALWAYS I am reachable on plurk at [plurk.com profile] runawayballista, hit me up if you would like to plot c: her IC intro is going up shortly on the network too.

ETA: OOPS I FORGOT TO MENTION canon point is after s3e7, after they bring home Trailer the dog and find out Sally Stukowski is a BIG OL FAKE, so she's been around for a while but has not gone through the clusterfuck that was the second half of season 3.


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