23 May 2012

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So in about five or six hours, I'll be leaving to go on vacation. I will be back on either the 7th or the 8th of June (still trying to figure out which day I actually want to come off hiatus in what games and all that). Just affects the CR AU variety of John, who died during the event and will just be...I guess floating in the teleporters waiting to respawn until I get back.

To anybody I still have ongoing threads with, I will be more than happy to continue those when I get back if you want. But since two weeks is kind of a long time, if you just want to drop those I totally understand. I will have the next few hours before I leave to get some tagging in and maybe a little time tomorrow and Friday while I have a brief window of internet access in the hotel. But there isn't really free, stable wifi in the middle of the ocean so I'm going to be pretty much nonexistent beyond that.

See you in two weeks!


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