21 May 2012


21 May 2012 09:16 am
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taking a hiatus due to exams/projects and stuff! will be back in 2 weeks, assume that sakura is doing her sakura thing by being all over resident zone 07 and also other pretty places. won't be too scarce - i might gun for a post during the dark energon event, but i will be incredibly slow!

be back soon, sing! o/
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So, Diablo III and Max Payne III came out last Tuesday. That, combined with the fact I'm going to be in Dallas until next Tuesday, means that tags are slow to nonexistent at the moment and I do apologise to anyone I've been threading with and castmates!

I am definitely more than willing to pick up old tags if you want, just please drop in a note because I'm horrifically bad about keeping track of tags and get a bad case of embarrassment at my own slowness.

catch y'all on the flippy flip. If you live in Dallas (why) LET'S PARTY.
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OOC because only Bond villains announce their plans and flaunt their power. As of now people might notice the swarm of robot zombies beginning to trickle into Residential Zone 02. Destruction is minimal at the moment, but they're being lead by a very infected Soundwave, so they currently have some... direction.

In other words, he's looking for Hypatia's core.

People are free to notice the mechanical undead, avoid getting stomped, etc. now.


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