30 Apr 2012

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Oh gosh, I'm terrible at these so I'll just flail at you all.

My name is Tai, I'm an aquarius, I like Mike's Hard Lemonade - oh, wait, wrong intro. HI! I'm Tai, I'm brand spanking new here :3c but I'm not new to RP, though I always strive to improve. I will make many typos when I'm not paying attention. I know some but not all of you so *waves*

I'm bringing in Clove, from the Hunger Games movies. I've read the books, but I liked how they characterized her in the films, and it was different enough to warrant the note of being film-made. She's 15, psychotic, has knives, and was about two seconds from death when she gets brought to Sing. You can read her app here if you like.

I'm available for contact through email (hellotaifoot@gmail), AIM (hellotaifoot) and on plurk (cocksandtaiwan). 

I look forward to playing with you all! 

MINOR EDIT: Clove won't be intro-ing until the 5th or the 6th, after the fear gas event. It looks HELLA awesome but I am awkward and I will wait first ;A;

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Ok guys, school is winding down and I actually have FREE TIME again. It's amazing. So I'mma pop back in as Pinkie dearest. For those still don't know I dropped Sera only because I'm still getting used to this RP thing and juggling school and yeah. pinkie won because she's just so fun.

ANYWAY I've pretty much dropped all threads so if there is a thread that should be continued or started or something with Pinkie let me know! I'm going to catch up with what's been going on in Sing, change out some pics, and then rock and roll! WOOOOOO! Let's get this party MOVIN'!


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