19 Apr 2012

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I'm a little burnt out on RP right now so I'll be going on hiatus for a week to get some rest. Hopefully when I come back I'll be more active than ever!

Davesprite is on autopilot, godmod rights go to Aaron, Zae and Louise. Tom's just hanging out in one of the garden zones.
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 Hey there everyone this is Z... the Z that runs Micah, not the Z that runs Teddy. (Turns out there are only so many single-letter monikers to work with. Who knew?) And I'm here with a new character: Arle Nadja, of the little-known Madou Monogatari dungeon crawler games, and its slightly-better-known Puyo Puyo spinoff series of puzzle games. She also brought her pet Has-Bean Carbuncle, for maximum Puyo exploding action!

Arle, around 16 years old, is an ordinary schoolgirl from a world where magic is commonplace. Carbuncle, age unknown, may be secretly the most powerful being in the Puyo multiverse despite being arguably non-sapient. Together, they fight crime save the world from the Existential Threat of the Week. Which is usually Satan being a dumbass and doing stuff like making the sun bigger to get a better tan.

The app is here, the IC intro is coming soon here.
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Zak here...again! Only this time it's to introduce a new character to your midst!

I present *drumroll* Superboy! He'll be coming from comicverse and during Infinite Crisis. Everything is up on his journal. HMD and application :D

Plurk is [plurk.com profile] zakurai AIM: ImpulsiveCrime
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Hi guys. My name's Jesse and I'm completely new to this game. And also completely useless at introducing myself.

Anywho, I'm bringing in a 15 year old Erik Lehnsherr from the same AU as [personal profile] theboysoldier. If you want the full rundown, his app is right here. But the short version is that he's a former Nazi weapon who's currently helping the British, thanks to Charles. Timeline wise, he's coming fresh from having killed Schmidt, but WWII is still in full motion.

As for me, I can mostly be found at [plurk.com profile] rebelled, and I also run by GMT.

And...I think that's everything? It's great to be here and I'm looking forward to bugging you guys in-game soon!
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It is Mir... with a 2nd character!

It's Joker from Mass Effect, coming right from post-Thessia. He likes moonlit walks on the beach, pina coladas, and sexy robot women. Not in that order. He'll probably be sprouting off a few Mass Effect 3 spoilers; I'll try to keep them warned or to a minimum.

ANYWAY I'm contactable on plurk at sarasarus, and I hope to have his intro up tonight or tomorrow night... depending on if we play another game of DOTA2


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