29 Mar 2012

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Okay, guys, here's the beef.

I'm going to the MCM Birmingham over the weekend, and then I'm launching straight into my 7-on shift rotation.

Thus, I am calling a slowatus between Friday 30th March and Monday 9th April

This affects Dr. Carson Beckett [personal profile] atadiscoverer.

If you need me, the best way is to send me a private message on my Plurk [plurk.com profile] youngflamelion or to ping me on AIM (Blaze0010).

I will be available on all of the above, and tagging back very slowly. But please don't hesitate to contact me for anything you need!

Catch you on the flipsiiiiiide


29 Mar 2012 05:45 pm
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Dropping the CRAU Gamzee.

Just didn't know what to do with him anymore, and I'm especially sorry to our new Karkat.

I'll be back, probably this next round, with an actual canon character.


29 Mar 2012 11:32 pm
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I was going to do this later, after a lot of thought while I was on hiatus, but we'll just shift the hiatus into a drop, and with that I bid a fond goodbye to Sing. I'll miss everyone of y'all.

Since she was in the transporters, she wouldn't have known Tony had left, but she has a note easily found that specifies what to do in her absence about Tony's & her stuff. That leaves the Casa d' Avengers in the hands of the remaining Avengers.


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