19 Mar 2012


19 Mar 2012 02:35 pm
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Hi all! My name's Chris and I'm bringing in this guy, Eli Bradley (aka Patriot) from Marvel's Young Avengers. If you know anything about his continuity, I'm bringing him in from near the beginning of Children's Crusade #8, meaning that he missed all the Really Big Stuff that happened in 8-9. Yeahh... that's not going to be fun for him to learn.

Eli's a 17-year-old supersoldier, grandson of the "Black Captain America" that the government doesn't want you to know about, and co-leader of the Young Avengers. Aside from all the superhero business, he's a high school junior from the Bronx who works at the New York Public Library after school. He has three younger sisters and a younger brother, who live with his mom and her new husband in Scotsdale, Arizona (Eli stayed with his grandparents in New York to finish high school). Dad was never in the picture. App's on his journal if you want to know more.

This is my first character at Singularity, but I've heard wonderful things about it and am very excited to be here. I'm on plurk as [plurk.com profile] gazzafizza, just PP me first saying "I'm so-and-so from Sing!" so I don't get confused.


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