15 Feb 2012

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Sooo apparently when I introed my notifications went down, and I dropped a huge number of threads. And I just noticed. Ergh.

Anyway, back then Balder was talking to Wiccan about possibly trying to watch for people coming in to see if people could leave the same way. Balder is a little too savvy now to make a HEY GUYS LET'S TRY TO ESCAPE THIS WAY post, but it might be a good way to wrangle CR if you like. Hang out, drop something/someone on Balder's head. It probably won't hurt him and if it does, he's used to it.
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Wow, hi. I live. Remember me?

So, that hiatus that was supposed to end back on the 1st or 2nd is finally over. Life pretty much steamrolled me more than I thought it would, but I'm gonna jump back into things now. I had plans for the V-day stuff, so I'm going to say that my Terezi got back a few days ago, but hasn't been making her presence known, since... She also got a canon update! With a LOT of information to process. For those of you who care, she's up to the point in Facility canon where they've broken out and are in control of the station, but the experiments haven't started up again. Everyone is still trying to settle in and finding out about things. Approximately Feb 4th, for those who are keeping track. Yeah. Big stuff.

SO. That being said, I'm glad to be back finally! I missed you guys. <3

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Comin' back from my self-imposed hiatus a bit early!

Space Prom drew me out from beneath my bridge.
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Hey guys, Roy here just posting to let everyone know I'm taking a couple days off from tagging by necessity of this whole 'wrists trying to fall off' thing I've got on the happen. I'm gonna try to chip away at my backtags, and I'm absolutely not dropping any of my threads, but please be patient with me. I KNOW MY TIMING'S GREAT I JUST PUT UP A POST WITH CHARLES haha... carpel tunnel, you're a laugh.

Sadly this means I'm gonna be sitting out most of prom, but if anyone wants to handwave a meeting with any of my characters, that's totally cool!

This affects:

[personal profile] punliners || Terry McGinnis
[personal profile] selfgovernance || Charles Xavier
[personal profile] checkthetapes || Quicksilver
[personal profile] nobleseven || Thom

... I guess this can also function as an intro, because I apped someone new in the last round, [personal profile] emasculates, also known as Aisha al-Fadhil from the Losers comic by Jock and Diggle. Her username is pretty appropriate, also she is badass and likes knives. And guns. And rocket launchers. This picture pretty much sums her up.
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I'm going to be in Tijuana, Mexico with famfam until at least Monday. Later, depending. I may or may not have internet access beyond what my kindle can handle.

This affects:

Hawke [personal profile] wilywilyways
Sookie [personal profile] coffinupsupes

I'm always okay with backdating/backlogging, so let me know if you'd like to do that. <3


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