30 Jan 2012

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Temporary Lock Out

In brief, this will work like a mix between the something like the job board and a continuous mini-event revolving around the NPC Semley/ARM’s duties on the station and taking advatange of the two things players love--being horrible to their characters, and being horrible to other people’s characters.

Semley is as you know, Hypatia’s acting enforcer deployed on the station when the place started getting a little too crowded and rancorous for her Purge loving tastes. While essentially her right hand man/attack dog, Hypatia has kept her pet abomination squarely in the alignment of Lawful Neutral. Insofar he has and continues to not pursue any station resident unless they make it obvious they’re going to kill someone, break the lawn furniture, pee in the pool, etc etc.

That’s where Temporary Lock Out comes in. Temporary Lock Out is the step taken when a character makes an in-game ass of themselves OR if another character has reported them to Semley as a ne'er-do-well-type hooligan. Using his A-Tyrannical-Space-AI-Wizard- It-and-As-Plot-Demands abilities, Semley will track down the offending station resident and forcibly lock them out of a number of things the player can choose from.There is no end to the list of supposed transgressions your character can do. It doesn’t even have to be true! If another character comes up with a compelling enough statement, they can troll the ass out of their selected target by way of Semley.

For a set amount of time your character can be punished by having something of there’s taken away. It could be anything from their special abilities, companion animal/AI, weapons, armor, use of limb (unless you’re Charles), vehicle, station privileges (credits, access to part of the station, features on the wearables) or really anything your sadistic imaginations can come up with.

Another fun feature is your character has the option of knowing exactly who or what reported them to Semley, and why. Mind you this will of course all be done with player permission. Reporting another player’s character without that mun’s consent is VERBOTEN. It can be assumed that if you are reporting your own character without the help of another player, Semley himself reported your character.

Below are two forms that can filled out OOCly. One is to report your own character, the other, to report another player’s character. Please comment below with filled forms, questions, and/or comments.

Happy Trolling!



NOTE: If enough interest in this beta of a game mechanic is garnered, it will be moved to a more permanent entry. Please comment here.

Conversely, please don't hesitate to contact Semley's primarily player, Odd. A private plurk over at
rantler, or a ping on her AIM electricbeararms are the prefered methods of contact.


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