11 Jan 2012


11 Jan 2012 09:48 pm
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oh hey

who is this person who is too tired to hit shift key

this is sammo aka that smaller, pinker failtard behind the bigger, greener failtard with the anger issues (aka Bruce Banner) with a new character. errybody - meet Agent Peter Burke of the fbi. he hails from a little show called White Collar, which is totally full of crime and solving thereof and nazi submarines and silly, overly pretty men who make the WORST LIFE CHOICES EVER, NEAL CAFFREY, TAP DANCING JEEBUS ON A POGO STICK. i mean. cough. you should watch it, it's a good show, i have links for interested parties because i am a pirate queen yarr


he's coming in on a cr au, having spent a year at [livejournal.com profile] babylonwood which is basically your average happy magical fairy tale wood if the grimm brothers were tweaking and tripping on about a pound of acid while watching the saw series. he is used to Bad Things Happening and managed to get himself slightly magicked up during his stay so while he's still mostly a badass normal, he's now got himself a little juiced up on fae-ness. yes. that happened.

he has a thread over at the cr meme that is free and pokeable and

think that's it
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Hellooooooo, this is Aaron, the player of Jade Harley ([personal profile] astrometry). I'm bringing back someone who was here previously for a little while, in celebration of the comm's change to DW! Yay!

Meet [NAME REDACTED] Foxface, of the series The Hunger Games. She's a teenaged girl who was thrown into an arena and told to fight or die -- of course, she chose the sensible option. However, she'll be coming in post-death this time, instead of in the middle of the series. Just to make it more awkward for our poor Katniss, and also because oh wow, this means she's not really immortal!

I can't wait for the full switch, I look forward to intro'ing her! Again!


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