9 Oct 2012

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So this probably shouldn't come as a surprise, but I've got a lot on my plate right now, and tags seem to be slipping further and further to the bottom of the pile. I know I've got stuff waiting on the Asphodel log for Wash, which I still plan to go back to, but if you're not up for backtagging just let me and we can figure out what went down.

I'm running the current Hypatia post, so those should be somewhat quicker, but please bear with me - I'm still settling into writing her. (If you've got any feedback or concrit, I'm absolutely open to it.)

Which brings me to the next thing: I don't actually know what CR already exists between Hypatia and the current PCs. I've been reading back through the older posts, but there's no way I can remember everything. So if there's any significant CR with your character and Hypatia, please let me know. ICly, Hypatia should be well aware of it, but I'm only human. I plan on using this information to build a CR chart so that any plot/NPC mod can pick her up and play her; it just doesn't exist yet.

This also goes for the NPC Salome/Maria. As far as I can tell, most of her CR is with dropped characters, but if there's anything significant, please let me know. She will likely not have a role in the Hypatia plot, but she's a very important NPC for post-event plot, and if anything's been established we'd love to build on it.

The other NPCs are being written out offscreen, since we don't have the accounts for them and they were played by specific mods. If you need to sort out CR with one of them, just let me know.

tl;dr I will be slow and can handwave/backtag as desired, let me know if you have NPC CR, and any concrit/suggestions/what have you are entirely welcome.


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