10 Jun 2012

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Hi all!

So as of this post Ro's been returned to Sacrosanct canon updated to the end of the final episode of the series, "The Hologram Man."

What does this mean? Well, she's back with:

1) a slightly more depressed attitude 'cause as far as she and Zeta know all their hopes just got blown up by a terrorist,
2) a shiny new personal holo-emitter.

What does this mean? Well, #2 is the important one because Ro basically has the means to visually disguise herself as anyone whose image she scans in. All she has to do is point the lens at you and scan. It's a pretty sophisticated little piece of technology since the guy who built Zeta's holo-emitters created it.

So there's the potential that she might have the ability to go around masquerading as YOU. She's not stupid enough to do so without cause (or unless the holo-emitter goes haywire or something), but as the possibility exists I've put up a permissions post to get permissions ahead of time and also keep track of what images she's got stored in the thing at any one time.

The device can store images it scans in for later use, but I'm adding an accidental deletion clause if you want it to be a one-time thing.

Anyway, hi again!
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My deepest apologies to anyone I was threading with; I got kinda overtaken by work stuff and took a small leave of absence. But now I'm back!

The purpose of this post is mainly: Any threads people want to handwave out to conclusion? Anything I've promised that I haven't managed to follow up on? Any plotting people would like to do with tinyCharles? Feel free to grab me here or on AIM at fishicopter, since I don't use Plurk.


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