29 Feb 2012

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Just a heads up that I'm going to be slow on tags for a bit - shocking, I know. Most of my tagging will happen on the weekend/if I have time to sneak a few at work, which is unlikely, alas.

THAT SAID, I had plot-related queries to pose to you all regarding Steve's last post. He has two reasons for wanting to create a scientific database. The first is exactly what he said - an organized resource that people researching the station can use and build on to further their own work.

The second? He wants to know who will try to hack/steal/destroy/alter the information, and subsequently why.

SO, do you have anyone who would do one of the above? Would you like to do plotty things? DO PEOPLE HAVE OTHER IDEAS? I'm half asleep, I swear this was better thought out in my.... head. In any case, have at, and I'll be tagging and responding here tomorrow after work. Thank you all for being patient.


29 Feb 2012 06:01 am
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But not for me! Kate's computer died, so she's gonna have to be on hiatus until further notice! DANG TECHNOLOGY STEALING ALL THE FUN!

This affects Peeta Mellark // [personal profile] hijackedbread and she'll let everyone know when she's back. Cross fingers for luck!

P.S. I'm assuming Peeta's on autopilot, but only because I have no idea otherwise. I will edit this if need be when I find out more!
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SO. Wow, hi, uh...

I kinda dropped off the face of the game for a bit there?? But I'm starting to get back to a decent level of normalcy. Still might be slow for another week or two, but I'd really like to get Cloud back and involved with the game again.

Anybody willing to do some plot with a semi-antisocial trooper? Nothing too big right now though, since I wanna ease back in.
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Hey guys, sorry you've not seen much of me or Tommy lately, but my interent unexpectedly took a nose dive and died a death for almost a week. Something wrong in the area but it seems to be back now, albeit moving at a snails pace. I would've posted sooner but work ate me up as well and it's just been super hectic, and my parents are coming up on the weekend to visit so I'm going to be distracted whilst they're here and whilst I try to catch up with everything which will take a long time with the speed the internet is moving right now sob. So I'm calling a slowatus till they leave/I know I'll have working internet.

Really sorry about lack of tags! I'm trying to get back into the internet groove, so if anyone could fill me in with what's been going on over here that would be rad. Also, if anyone wants to thread with Tommy, let me know here or on plurk because I wants all of the crs and he needs to get out more.

BUT YEAH sorry if I worried anyone with my sudden absence! I'm okkkk and I'll hopefully be back into the swing of things soon.



29 Feb 2012 09:35 pm
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Due to a whole ton of annoying little things that snowballed (health, home repair, work, family) in the past week, I am going to be glacially slow for the next week and a half while I try to navigate contractors. Nngh. I'd call hiatus, but I just did that.

Incidentally, if I throw Ro into any logs, feel free to recognize her as that chick who got in a food fight with Karkat at Space Prom. I need to get her out and get some CR, and hey, embarrassing public juvenile behavior is always a great ice-breaker. (Karkat started it.)

Sorry about this, and please bear with me. This affects Ro and Betty Ross [personal profile] itsokay.


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