13 Feb 2012


13 Feb 2012 03:28 am
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Hey, Singularity.

I hate to be that person who apps and drops after one post, but some things just weren't working out, and I'd rather make a clean break of it than try to keep playing somewhere I don't fit. It's not a lot of fun and it just gets my character more involved with others that are left in the lurch when I finally do drop, so I'm scooting out without the hassle.

I want to say thank you to everyone who did tag me on that post, though, because I had a metric tonne of fun doing it, however briefly, even if it won't go anywhere. <3

Have fun, guys. See you around.
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Ohaithar, Singians. Yeah.  *embarrassed headscritch*.  Deadlock here has this stupid idea of trying to hijack a shuttle and make a break for freedom.  Despite VALIANT and Medal of Honor worthy efforts of logic and reason and commonsense by others, he's determined that he's going to try it.

Because Deadlock SCORNS anything he can't shoot, like logic. Pah! 

So.  Anyone up for Stopping the Idiot Robot? Because obviously this isn't going to succeed, but while it fails, why not get in some CR?   Violence is highly encouraged.  Help save Deadlock from his own stupid!  Thoughts/ideas/volunteers? 
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Hey all -

Sorry for disappearing on everyone last night, but Real Life took over.

Basically, I am going to be glacially slow for the rest of the week, and then disappearing entirely on Friday.

Real Life is going to be nuts from now through Thursday - and then I'm going to visit my folks. Which means there may not be a lot of RP time available to me.

How this all works out:
Today - Thursday the 16th: here but insanely slow*
Friday the 17th - Friday the 24th: Not Appearing In This RP.

I might be able to break hiatus earlier but to be safe I am going to assume that next week is totally out of the question. (Can you post a hiatus on the hiatus post before it starts, or only when? Didn't see any place to put the start date...)

This affects Betty and Ro Rowen ([personal profile] thecarisboring)! I will try to pick up tags as best I can and in the meantime they will both be on autopilot unless plot dictates otherwise. Please let me know if you want either of them somewhere or if you want to handwave stuff. I am fine with handwaving. :) Plurk is still [plurk.com profile] littlebulldozer if you want to ping me.

*Except for Tuesday night. I will MAKE TIME tomorrow night to spam Space Prom.
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A-ahahaha. So that thing about trying to be active again?

Y-yeeeaaah life's saying no. Eight days of work straight and I'll probably get even more this week. I've had very little sleep and cannot focus on much, if any RPing right now. Once things slow down, I'll see what i can do to jump back in, but I'm not risking what's left of my sanity.

Please bear with me? ♥


13 Feb 2012 08:09 pm
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So I was hoping to wait until after prom to actually go on hiatus, because Wednesday I'm leaving for a double visit family/Megacon trip, but then real life intervened and I have very little motivation for everything, so I am hiatusing early.

I'm going to try to get Carolina into the prom, but after that assume she got lost in the teleporters afterwards. I'll be back on Monday, February 20th to backtag all the things.

Effects Agent Carolina ([personal profile] whatever_it_takes)


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