21 Jan 2012

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HALLO Pen here with another tiny white haired girl, except maybe this one will stick around? Anyway, this is Lily, or LILY.EXE. She is a decryption program who through some weird magical technomancy was given a human body and projected into the real world. She attends a class for weirdoes and monsters, likes to crack codes, and fancies herself a graffiti artist. So if you start seeing ornate tags all over the concrete walls, it's this little vandal right here.


ETA: OH I SHOULD ALSO ADD THAT LILY IS A MUTE AND ALSO SHE IS APESHIT BANANAS AT ENCRYPTION/DECRYPTION? I will always ask permission before she busts into private conversations but she can literally just talk computers and programs into giving her info. It involves flattery :3
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Hey Everyone! Laz here.

I know some of you don't really know me. I play Serenity Rose and she's rather shy, but do feel free to tag her and make her more social! In the meantime I will also be playing the extremely NOT shy Pinkie Pie!

There will be parties. LOTS of parties. And when she finds the database for every holiday for every world, OMG watch out. She's also going to live above Camille's cafe. It's going to happen. It MUST happen. Yes.

Now I should be all responsible today and finish all the crazy reading I have for school but Pinkie is eating at my brain so, let it rain chocolate milk! LET'S DO IIIIIIT!
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Hullo, I'm Bluepard and I'm new. I'll be playing Balder Odinson, best known as "that guy who dies and then you get the Apocalypse". He's the God of Light, and he's Thor, Loki, and Tyr's brother. He is also the most insecure Viking God-King you will ever meet.

He's taken from his most recent appearance, where he is kind of dead. Again. Bad habit.

My schedule's weird so I backtag a lot, but if you want to set something up at a specific time, you can email me at bluepard@gmail.com. Happy to be here!
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If you guys haven't noticed, which you probably did, I've been kind of slow with tags and I haven't really been tagging out.

Gonna call a slowatus for now. I've actually caught something (being sick sucks oh god) at the same exact time as school has started, so I'm going to be a bit slow as I recover. It shouldn't be too long and I should be able to get into the swing of things once I settle down a bit for school and see what my workload will be like.

I just want to inform that I'll be kind of dragging my feet a bit until then! Thanks. :)
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Hi there lovely people of Singularity! My name is Pura and I'm entirely new to the game. I bring with me this tiny teenage speedster, Tommy Shepherd, otherwise known as Speed from the series the Young Avengers. This sounds familiar probably because Billy just got in too and these two are identical twin brothers except for hair, eye colour and awesome levels. Tommy is a typical Marvel speedster in that he's a massive douchebag and tends to run his mouth a lot but he's also pretty ok once you get to know him and dont mind him staring at your tits if you have them. He's fresh from the same point as Billy, Children's Crusade issue 8 where a lot of shit is going down, and it's save to say he's not having a very good day.

UH SO YEAH. I'm reachable on plurk for plottings and on aim (PuraTigerz) (I LOVE PLOTTINGS) and i'm in the GMT timezone, but I stay up ridiculously late anyway. I'm really excited to be here, and I can't WAIT TO GET STARTED kfgjkjhn.


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