12 Jan 2012

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Sorry I've been a bit slow getting back to people lately.  I've been a bit busy and stressed so I figured posting a slowatus was in order.  

My husband just graduated and is finding a job, and we're looking all over the country.  Once he finds something we're gonna move, and we're hoping to move by February.  Well, we'll be moving either in our own place or parents (yikes).  Either way I'm going to be a bit distracted by packing and organizing and then my classes online will be back in session and BAH.  I will post a hiatus if needed, but in the meantime I'm not too busy to keep up with Sera here.  That and I'll be concentrating on Pinkie Pie if she gets accepted.  She's gonna explode with parties and that'll be insane for a while.

So that's the deal!  I've been able to pop on every day, but there may be days I'll just be DERP or wondering what to post back.  If I end up forgetting someone for too long just send me an e-mail or Plurk me a friendly poke.  Just wanted yall to know!
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So, okay, hi. My name's Chibi and I'll bring you this relatively small giant robot (around 13 feet is totally small, okay?) who likes big guns and he cannot lie comes from a splinter timeline from the Marvel comics, and also MIRRORVERSE SHENANIGANS.

Aka, obscure continuties, move along.

He also has spent some months over in http://axiomnexus.livejournal.com/, so he'll just be extra annoyed at not going where he was (presumably) going.

/scuttles off
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Hello, Singularity. In a few short hours (midnight US Eastern--because we've kept you waiting long enough) gameplay will open on DW. At this point, the LJ communities will switch to moderated posting, and all Singularity posts should be to DW only. The LJ comms will remain as archives, but the vast majority of content has been imported to DW already, including comments. You may continue backtagging on LJ through the end of February, at which point we'll do one last comment import. (You can keep tagging after that, but we don't guarantee we'll import your comments after February 29th.)

If you want to switch a thread from LJ to DW, your best bet is to find the imported post via the tags page for the comm, linked in the sidebar, and start tagging with your DW account. Unless your partner has verified their OpenID, they won't get email for it, so you'll likely have to let them know OOC.

Before gameplay on DW opens, we're going to take the opportunity to remind people of a few details about the game, in-universe and out:
  1. Sacrosanct is freakin' huge. A residential zone, on average, can support 17.5 million people, for a total carrying capacity in excess of 250 million. And this is comfortably, with plenty of green space and mixed-use districts, not "Manhattan living in each other's pockets"-style. Unless you know where they are, you get phenomenally lucky, or you have something like telepathy going for you, finding someone who doesn't want to be found is nearly impossible. "Meet me in R09" is like saying "meet me in Rhode Island."

  2. Zones are self-contained, and the only way to move between them is via teleporter.

  3. Teleporter respawn acts like a saved game--everything between stepping out of the teleporter and your respawn is lost. A respawned character will have no memory of their own death or any sensation of lost time, and will have to be filled in on what happened.

  4. Speaking of deaths, the Deaths page is now for keeping track of mutations caused by teleporter respawn. Die all you want (within reason), but if you're giving someone a teleporter mutation, then you need to report it there. Easing up the requirements on that is part of our ongoing "make things simpler, or at least easier to understand" plan.

  5. We have an AIM chat, thegravitywell. There have been tumbleweeds blowing through lately, but we'd like to try to get it in use again, since we direct people to it in our acceptance notices. It's certainly not mandatory, but some people prefer AIM to Plurk (and vice versa), so having a bunch of possible channels for OOC communication is a Good Thing.

  6. The long-overdueawaited changes to the in-game economy (and thus the Job Board) are live! More detail below, but we've tried to add some flexibility to the system to account for various people's play styles and various characters' financial desires, from ranging "don't bother me" to "micromanager." This may require tweaking once we see it in action, because as any GM knows, no plan survives contact with the players. (We love you guys. ♥)

The New Economy )
One Last Thing, Placed Outside the Cut Where You Can't Miss It

Fill out the Taken form. This means you. [insert threatening emote here]


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