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Game Overhaul!

Hello, Singularity! Welcome to November, and the manifestation of a great many new things.

Hypatia Plot

The last stage of the Hypatia Plot is still going on! All of the logs are up in the [community profile] singularitylogs community, and feel free to refer to the OOC post if you need a refresher. If you have any questions or need any help, just contact us. Feel free to keep backtagging as long as you'd like! NPC mods will continue to monitor the logs and will drop in as necessary; if you want us sooner or want to plot something out, just drop us a line.

Starting today, the livable area in Sacrosanct is restricted to three neighborhoods in one of R01/Kurzweil's many districts. You can refer to the Maps/Location pages for the full details on which zones are on and offline, but please keep in mind that all other residential zones are inaccessible. Wearables will not allow for transport to those zones.

While the rest of Kurzweil is currently accessible, all automated functions are offline and will remain so until further developments in the metaplot. If you'd like to get involved, you can affect the station (both positively and negatively!) through a Mission.

Your new benevolent overlord is Delta/
[personal profile] alaspooryork. Unlike Hypatia, he cannot watch everything at once -- he's still a PC, not an NPC. If using encryptions on the network, though, please note if he'd be able to hack them.

Fourth Wall Event

We will be holding a Fourth Wall Event next week, November 4 through the 10th. There will be more details about this in a separate post, but everything will be treated as game canon. If you bring a character to Fourth Wall you're interested in apping afterwards, you'll be free to keep their memories.

Game Updates

Applications are now open until 11:59pm EST, November 15th. We have recently overhauled the applications page to make the information more clear and concise, but the general spirit is still the same; please see this post if you need a summary of changes. This also means that Reserves are closed until after the conclusion of the application period.

➨ A number of new information pages have been added; they mostly pertain to game background, but since the information was previously not easily available, we decided it made sense to put some new pages together.

  • History - a synopsis of pre-canon events

  • NPCs - a roster of currently active NPCs

  • Plot Archive - an ongoing record of in-game actions

➨ The following pages have received revisions ranging from minor text clarification to complete revamping:

  • Game Index - the index and footer navigation has been updated to reflect all page edits; please let us know if you find any broken links

  • Setting - revamped to reflect current game status

  • Maps and Locations - marked zone availability, along with minor description edits

  • Character Requests - renamed from old requests page, added 'character modification' request form, along with minor wording edits

  • Plot Requests - renamed from old suggestions page, minor wording edits

  • Missions - changed from old job board; we would like to move to more character interaction and less overhead for economy management, since Sacrosanct will no longer operate on a chit/credit system


➨ Please remember to add your information to the Player Contact page if you haven't already done so.

➨ We've got a new look! Check out the profile to see the new game header. We plan on keeping the rest of the page designs, since Carolyn did fantastic work on them, but if there are any design concerns or broken links, please let us know.

➨ We will run the next AC the first week of December. Characters who app in this month will not have to respond to it, but all current characters will need to provide one piece of activity taking place since October 1.

➨ We've set up a comment thread below for a Game HMD. How are we doing? What have you liked, and what haven't you liked? We're still settling in, and if there are things we can do to make the game better, we'd like to know.

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