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Game Closing

Hey, Sing.

Given that I just put up a poll a couple days ago, this may come as a surprise, but I’ve decided to close up shop. I’ve loved being a part of this game, and I’ve had a lot of fun working on it as a mod, but it’s time to part ways.

It’s not that I don’t have the ideas or the time to keep this game going -- I had a lot of great things I wanted to do, and I was excited to bring in more of the metaplot. But when I sat down to start planning things out, I realized that I’m not as interested as I used to be, and I’m not having the fun I used to have. We’ve been slow and quiet for some time now, and I didn’t realize until I tried to get back into it that it had sapped my own enthusiasm.

If Sing were to survive, it would need both an invested playerbase and an invested mod. I’ve had a lot of fun with everyone who’s stuck around, but overall interest has been waning, and I’ve lost my drive along with it.

I did consider handing over the game, but I think another mod turnover would simply be more trouble than it’s worth at this point. The game has run its course, and I think it’s time to let it go.

If you’d like to continue threading or make any final posts, I’ll leave posts and comments open through the end of January. I’m going to focus my efforts on a new game, but one way another I hope to see you guys around somewhere else in the future. ♥

So long and thanks for all the fish.

- Larissa
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Game Plot Discussion + Poll

Hi, Sing. Larissa here with some notes, questions, and fun ticky boxes.

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, we’ve slowed down a lot and are a much smaller game than we used to be. That’s okay! As long as people want to play here, I’m happy to mod at whatever pace works for you guys. I can work with however many players and characters we have for plots; numbers don’t really matter.

What does matter, though, is what you guys want. As far as I can tell, we’ve got two options on where to go from here.

  • Slice-of-life with regular events. This is about what Sing has been for the past few years, with player plots now and then to shake things up and occasional metaplot.

  • Plot-driven with occasional events. This would directly tie into both the Hypatia plot from a few months ago and the game’s metaplot. Player characters would have large roles in shaping the game’s plot and world, with few limits. Many of the things hinted at in the game plot would be revealed over time, along with some big surprises that have yet to appear.

Now, I personally prefer the plot-driven option. I’d be the first to admit that I’m not very good at coming up with slice-of-life events or teleporter malfunctions; it’s just not my forté. I have an easier time writing long plot arcs that focus on worldbuilding and furthering the game metaplot. I have about a year’s worth of metaplot ready to go, and probably longer if it gets played out, since there’s a lot of wiggle room.

However, since I write a lot of this stuff by myself, I need to know which to go for. I’m willing to do either, but either way I would rather not do a lot of work for something people aren’t interested in.

So it’s ticky box time!

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 11

Which direction would you rather see Singularity go in?

View Answers

Slice-of-life with regular events
0 (0.0%)

Plot-driven with occasional events
9 (81.8%)

I don’t care, I’ll play at Sing either way
2 (18.2%)

Neither (please comment)
0 (0.0%)

I’d appreciate it if everyone could weigh in on this; I’d also love to hear any ideas or suggestions you guys have outside of what I’ve laid out. I love this game, and I’m not planning on it going anywhere -- I just need to know what you’re interested in playing.
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App/Reserve Schedule Change

Hello, Singularity!

Just a quick note today. As of January 1, we’re going to stop using the app cycle system. What this means is that applications will always be open. We’ll still take reserves (which are currently open), and we’ll hold them for one week at a time. During that week, we won’t review any challenge applications for that character until the reserve holder submits their application or the reserve expires.

Given the current pace of the game, we don’t expect this to cause any difficulties on our end, but please bear with us as we update the relevant game pages. (The list mod position will remain open until we find someone to fill it; until then, page edits will be a little delayed.)

That’s all for now! The metaplot will resume after the holidays, and we’ll have a discussion post then to see what you guys are interested in doing. Happy holidays!
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Notes from the Rift

Dear Singularity,

The following characters have recently been eaten by mysterious forces. They shall be remembered (or forgotten), and their disappearances mourned (or celebrated).

Characters under Swept failed to make the recent Activity Check and must re-app in order to return to gameplay.

CT | [personal profile] soundslikeafuckingkid| Red vs. Blue
Violet Parr | [personal profile] personalbubble | The Incredibles
Agent Carolina | [personal profile] whatever_it_takes | Red vs. Blue
Barricade | [personal profile] namesnotprowl | Transformers
Arle Nadja | [personal profile] arlenadja | Puyo Puyo
Micah | [personal profile] hybridharvester | Rune Factory
Darth Nox | [personal profile] forcewalking | Star Wars: The Old Republic
Kanaya Maryam | [personal profile] mcfussyfangs | Homestuck
Ashley Williams | [personal profile] brbvirmire | Mass Effect
Nepeta Leijon | [personal profile] shipper | Homestuck
Stephanie Brown | [personal profile] selfmadehero | DC
Cortana | [personal profile] mymothersshadow | Halo
Rose Lalonde | [personal profile] roseintheshade | Homestuck
Justin Law | [personal profile] guilloteen | Soul Eater

Cliffjumper | [personal profile] cliffjumper | Transformers [Classics/Shattered Glass]
Loki | [personal profile] flyting | Marvel [cinematic]
Deadlock | [personal profile] driftlock | Transformers [IDW]
Liara T'Soni | [personal profile] asari_scientist | Mass Effect
Eve | [personal profile] halfheartedcurse | The Binding of Isaac
James Vega | [personal profile] notromanceable | Mass Effect
Tony Stark (Iron Man) | [personal profile] fe_male | Marvel [cinematic]
Duo Maxwell | [personal profile] stillshinigami | Gundam Wing
Lavernius Tucker | [personal profile] hardlines | Red vs. Blue
Carver Hawke | [personal profile] soldierofthegrey | Dragon Age
CLU 2.0 | [personal profile] a_perfect_end | Tron
Alejandro Borges | [personal profile] arachnophobe | Dead Space
Kimiko Ross | [personal profile] autodidacticrobogirl | Dresden Codak
Terezi Pyrope | [personal profile] circuitry | Homestuck
Emma Frost | [personal profile] myownbestfriend | Marvel [616]
Shockwave | [personal profile] notsoloyal | Transformers [Dreamwave Comics]
Eleanor Lamb | [personal profile] notyourutopian | Bioshock
Emile-A239 | [personal profile] spaceracist | Halo
Thane Krios | [personal profile] tablepuncher | Mass Effect
EDI | [personal profile] thatisajoke | Mass Effect
Gibson | [personal profile] userless | Tron
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Hello, Singularity! This is just a quick little note to say that we have a new app mod - Tsu, who plays here with an AU version of Agent North Dakota from Red vs. Blue ([personal profile] noscope). She can be reached on plurk ([plurk.com profile] sensesgaveway) for anything you might need. That being said, we still need a list mod, so if you’re interested, please leave a comment with the preferred method of contact on this post.

This is also a reminder that you have through tomorrow to fill out Activity Check!
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December Plot: Weather in Space

Hello, Singularity!

As mentioned previously, our metaplot will be light this month, but we plan to get it moving at the end of December/early January. In the meantime, you’ll want to dig out your coats and umbrellas, because Sacrosanct’s got some weather problems.

A few days ago, Arthur ([personal profile] soldad) was attempting to make repairs to Kurzweil’s medical controls, but he accidentally tripped the automated security measures. The system’s locked everything out, and until it can be rewritten, the zone is in for some turbulent weather.

  • Week 1 (12/4-12/10): Heat wave! Temperatures will be above 90° F/32° C every day, and the air will be particularly dry -- moisture production is down. Near the end of the week, there will be extremely high winds (enough to take down trees), with a chance of a few small tornadoes popping up around the zone.

  • Week 2 (12/11-12/17): Thunder, lightning, and lots of rain. Temperatures will fall back down to a brisk 40° F/4° C on average, and though the wind won’t be as bad as the previous week, it’s still wise to watch out for flying debris. Any buildings struck by lightning will have their circuits fried and will need to be repaired.

  • Week 3 (12/18-12/25): Snow, snow, and more snow. While it’ll start out light, the snow won’t let up until the 25th and will have accumulated at least 4-6 by then. The temperature won’t get much above 15° F/-9° C. Better bundle up.

(You can find all of these dates on the game calendar!)

Additionally, with the advent of the holiday season, some of Hypatia’s subroutines will be coming back online. They will manifest through some service drones with a heavy dose of holiday spirit, who will try to decorate everything in sight. Get too close, and that’ll include you. If left to their own devices, the end result isn’t going to look pretty.

Feel free to run with it as you want, but if you’re interested in something a little more involved, just sign up for a Mission, which might involve anything from chasing down rampant drones to dealing with last year’s Robot Santa, who hasn’t fared the last year all that well.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask below, and have fun!
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Mod Positions Open

Hi, Sing!

Charlie here with some announcements. I'm going to be stepping down from modding (as well as dropping both Zelgadis and Marco) in about two weeks because I'm taking a meatspace/work shift for six months that's not going to leave me the time or energy to work on RP anymore. The mod team is now opening up for a new immediate addition so I can be around to help with transition, and eventually taking over as admin mod.

My current duties are managing comm lists, updating the taken, reserves, and contact pages as characters add and drop, activity checks, occasional app reading, and general housekeeping chores to make running behind the scenes thing easier on the mod team as a whole. I don't deal with any plot or NPC talk, though if you're interested in that, we certainly won't say no. Please be wary of spreading yourself too thin, though; it's better to commit to a smaller number of tasks that will definitely be taken care of, and backend work can get tedious during busy periods.

Also, we're looking for a second app mod, which means that during the first two weeks of every month, you'll be expected to read and comment on incoming applications. We aim to have under 48-hour turnaround on app responses, so the time commitment is important for when apps come in, but light otherwise.

If you're interested, drop a comment here with the best way to get in touch with you (we do most of our coordination on Plurk) and we'll get back to you.

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Plot volunteers, ATP requests, reminders

Hello, Singularity! Just a couple of quick things today.

➨ The game HMD is up!

➨ We need volunteers for our December plot! Right now, we need 2-3 characters to sign up for a mission that will fail, and which will affect all of Kurzweil. If you’re interested, please comment in the thread below-- we’ll take the first 2 or 3 interested players/characters.

The metaplot will be light this month on account of the holidays, but Missions will remain open. If you’re interested in getting involved in the game plot, that’s the place to go.

Applications will open on 12/1 at 12:01am EST!

➨ Our bimonthly Activity Check will be held from 12/1 through 12/7. You will need to provide one piece of activity (1 network post + comments, 15 of your comments in another network post, or 5 of your comments in a log) between 9/14 and 12/7. Characters apped in November do not have to provide activity, but should reply for recordkeeping purposes.

➨ The [personal profile] app_this_plz meme goes up this weekend! If you have any character requests, just fill out the form below and leave it as a comment to this post. If you filled it out last month and want it reposted, just comment and let us know.

Please leave in the <textarea> tags!
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Plot status + Mission volunteers

Hello, Singularity!

Now that we’ve gotten through both the Hypatia Plot and the Fourth Wall Event (thanks for making it so much fun!), we’d like to move the game towards the overarching metaplot. Timing-wise, though, we need a break! It’s been a good month and a half of big plots, and with American Thanksgiving coming up next week we need to put the metaplot on the backburner for a little while -- that, is, through the end of November. Mod- and metaplot stuff will return in December!

Until then, though, we’d like to move the plot forward through player and character plots. We introduced the Mission Board with the game overhaul, and what we’d like now are volunteers to help us integrate it into the game, both ICly and OOCly.

ICly, the station is a mess after the last few weeks -- the Reavers destroyed a lot of infrastructure that had come back online after the Hypatia plot, and plenty is still offline in the first place. Repairs aren’t the only thing needed, though! Just about everything’s gonna go on the fritz at some point-- or enough so that just about any character has something to do.

But if things aren’t fixed up, the characters might find themselves in a lot of trouble as the metaplot progresses...

OOCly, we’d like to make the mission board the way players get involved in our metaplot. It’s easier on us for you guys to sign up when you want to do things, and to let us know how much involvement you’d like to have. At this stage of the game, if there’s something on the station or in the plot you’d like to affect, you’re more than welcome to. We are working towards a guided metaplot, but in the interim, the sky’s the limit.

That said, we need to get used to it! We’ve done one test-run mission, which directly affected the Fourth Wall Event, and we’d love to do more along those lines. Of course, we’re bound to run into some snags along the way, but we’re willing to change things up to make them work.

What if I don’t have any ideas for my characters? Or what if I can’t find someone to do a mission with?

That’s no problem! The form on the page just asks for your characters’ motivations and skillsets to give us something to build from. We’ll take those and give you a couple options for missions if you don’t have an idea on hand, and once you pick one we’ll give you a mission scenario to work with.

If you’re signing up alone, we’ll signal boost the request through the mod plurk to help you find someone who’s interested in doing a mission or pair you up with another solo signup, if there are any.

We’ve also put up a CR Meme to help you find people to play with! We’re still working on the schedule, but we’d like to run these monthly or bimonthly around the time apps close.

Any comments, questions, or issues, just let us know below!
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Fourth Wall Event: Second Phase

Hello, Singularity! Welcome to the second phase of our Fourth Wall Event.

With the turnover in station management, many of the security protocols are still offline. Unfortunately for Sacrosanct residents, these include some of the protocols Hypatia had in place to keep the truly dangerous things coming from the rift from escaping the Junkyard.

As detailed in this log, there will be an enormous crash in the Junkyard that makes most of Kurzweil shake. If anyone chooses to investigate, they’ll find that a Reaver ship has crashed, and its inhabitants are loose and pouring through the teleporters into the station itself. They’ll be cut off after several dozen are set loose, but more will intermittently make it through over the next three days.

Shortly after the threat becomes ICly known, some old station logs will begin appearing on characters’ wearables at random. These logs cannot be saved offline, and any attempt to find them in the network will provide no results, as if they’re being moved around through the system.

Sounds like this isn’t the first time this has happened, and the last group didn’t do so well. So how do you survive?

There are bunkers beneath the currently occupied neighborhoods, but one neighborhood will need to go completely offline to provide enough power to run them. There is one medical station online, located between the two remaining neighborhoods, but there is no automated security -- someone’s gonna have to stand guard.

Of course, those willing to fight back are free to do so, but you’ll find the Reavers are a dangerous enemy -- they’ll focus on incapacitation, not killing, in order to torture their victims. They’re human, so they can be killed, but between sheer numbers and their violent tactics, most would be wise to stay away. (If you've never seen Firefly or Serenity, here's a clip to give you some ideas.)

Opt-out: If you’re not interested in participating, your character will make it into one of the bunkers early, where they’ll be sealed in and kept safe.

How will the event end? The number of Reavers will dramatically increase on Saturday, 11/10, as more and more get out of the Junkyard. The most expedient solution will be to cut life support in Kurzweil. All characters will need to go through a teleporter to Garden Zone 01, but fourth wall characters will not make it through. Any character who remains in Kurzweil will die when life support goes offline; those who are not fourth wall characters will respawn as usual after it comes back on.

Thanks for participating in our event! Any fourth wall characters apped is welcome to keep their memories of this event and emerge from a teleporter instead of arriving through the Junkyard. And, of course, you’re still welcome to bring in new characters during this part of the event! They’re just in for a lot of trouble.
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Fourth Wall Event

The installation of our new station AI has been more or less a success, but the Rift is still there, and it turns out Hypatia's had more protocols in place to keep things stable than Delta's been able to work out right away. With that in mind...

Event Details

From Sunday, November 4th to Saturday, November 10th, characters who are not currently in Singularity may play here. For the purposes of this event, we've set up a side-community: [community profile] singularityevents. The stickied post there has instructions for joining, and even current members must go through it.

Feel free to go ahead and send in requests now; we'll accept them, but we won't turn on posting until Sunday.

Outside Characters

This event welcomes canon-original, AU, CRAU, OCs, and unlimited duplicate characters. If you are not familiar with Singularity's setting, please read through here for details. We also expect you to adhere to our usual gameplay standards and rules, including relevant power-damping.

If you bring a character who is not currently at Singularity and wish to app them, you'll be free to keep any memories from the event. This event will be considered game canon. Details about how the characters leave at the end of the week will be posted next week as part of the event.

Posting Format

Logs, action tags, and network posts are all acceptable. Please make sure all threads for this event are posted to [community profile] singularityevents, and not the usual comms. This only applies to the fourth wall event; all other posts should go to the appropriate game comms.

ETA 11/4: Since there have been questions about this: this means that if you want to make a network post or an open log and have it open to fourth wall characters, please make it in [community profile] singularityevents. If you do not want to participate, just put the post in [community profile] singularityrpg or [community profile] singularitylogs as normal. This is just a way to opt out of the event if you'd rather not get involved with outside characters, since this is a game canon event.


That's easy; just ignore the event comm! Keep in mind that all events will be game canon, though. Please keep an eye on the OOC comm, though, because these outside characters might not be the only things that get through the rift next week...

Questions? CR Plotting?

Comment below!
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ATP requests!

Hello Sing! Yeah, I know, we've had a lot of mod posts lately; I promise they'll ease up soon.

We'll be putting up an ad on this month's [personal profile] app_this_plz meme when it goes up tomorrow, and what we'd like from you are any character requests you have. Just fill out the form below and leave it as a comment to this post, and we'll toss it in our ATP ad. Thanks!

Please leave in the <textarea> tags!

Expect a post on the fourth wall event later tonight or tomorrow!
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Game Overhaul!

Hello, Singularity! Welcome to November, and the manifestation of a great many new things.

Hypatia Plot

The last stage of the Hypatia Plot is still going on! All of the logs are up in the [community profile] singularitylogs community, and feel free to refer to the OOC post if you need a refresher. If you have any questions or need any help, just contact us. Feel free to keep backtagging as long as you'd like! NPC mods will continue to monitor the logs and will drop in as necessary; if you want us sooner or want to plot something out, just drop us a line.

Starting today, the livable area in Sacrosanct is restricted to three neighborhoods in one of R01/Kurzweil's many districts. You can refer to the Maps/Location pages for the full details on which zones are on and offline, but please keep in mind that all other residential zones are inaccessible. Wearables will not allow for transport to those zones.

While the rest of Kurzweil is currently accessible, all automated functions are offline and will remain so until further developments in the metaplot. If you'd like to get involved, you can affect the station (both positively and negatively!) through a Mission.

Your new benevolent overlord is Delta/
[personal profile] alaspooryork. Unlike Hypatia, he cannot watch everything at once -- he's still a PC, not an NPC. If using encryptions on the network, though, please note if he'd be able to hack them.

Fourth Wall Event

We will be holding a Fourth Wall Event next week, November 4 through the 10th. There will be more details about this in a separate post, but everything will be treated as game canon. If you bring a character to Fourth Wall you're interested in apping afterwards, you'll be free to keep their memories.

Game Updates

Applications are now open until 11:59pm EST, November 15th. We have recently overhauled the applications page to make the information more clear and concise, but the general spirit is still the same; please see this post if you need a summary of changes. This also means that Reserves are closed until after the conclusion of the application period.

➨ A number of new information pages have been added; they mostly pertain to game background, but since the information was previously not easily available, we decided it made sense to put some new pages together.

  • History - a synopsis of pre-canon events

  • NPCs - a roster of currently active NPCs

  • Plot Archive - an ongoing record of in-game actions

➨ The following pages have received revisions ranging from minor text clarification to complete revamping:

  • Game Index - the index and footer navigation has been updated to reflect all page edits; please let us know if you find any broken links

  • Setting - revamped to reflect current game status

  • Maps and Locations - marked zone availability, along with minor description edits

  • Character Requests - renamed from old requests page, added 'character modification' request form, along with minor wording edits

  • Plot Requests - renamed from old suggestions page, minor wording edits

  • Missions - changed from old job board; we would like to move to more character interaction and less overhead for economy management, since Sacrosanct will no longer operate on a chit/credit system


➨ Please remember to add your information to the Player Contact page if you haven't already done so.

➨ We've got a new look! Check out the profile to see the new game header. We plan on keeping the rest of the page designs, since Carolyn did fantastic work on them, but if there are any design concerns or broken links, please let us know.

➨ We will run the next AC the first week of December. Characters who app in this month will not have to respond to it, but all current characters will need to provide one piece of activity taking place since October 1.

➨ We've set up a comment thread below for a Game HMD. How are we doing? What have you liked, and what haven't you liked? We're still settling in, and if there are things we can do to make the game better, we'd like to know.
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Hypatia Plot: Final Assault

Hello, Singularity! Larissa here with the final OOC details for the Hypatia assault. All of the logs have been posted in the [community profile] singularitylogs community, and you're free to start threading!

Please keep the following points in mind:

➨ The scenarios we've provided are a guideline, not a script! You're free to handwave the details and technology as you go. Unless otherwise implied by your log, you can go ahead and pull in hostile NPCs wherever you choose. Remember, the OOC information is provided for your benefit, as a heads up, to help you all in progressing through the plot -- it doesn't mean that your characters have to follow it to the letter.

ICly, all the characters on the mission will have the IC mission briefs. In many cases they won't have any idea what's coming, but that’s half the fun, isn’t it? Additionally, there are some twists and surprises that have been omitted from the OOC information and will be sprung on the teams at the worst possible times. For fun.

➨ Establish a tagging order amongst your teammates right off the bat. Remember to track your threads! (If you don't have a paid account, you can track the post itself or check manually.)

➨ If you are unable or unwilling to complete the rest of the log, let your teammates know. Don't just leave them hanging! If you are unable to continue a log, for whatever reason, please let the rest of the team know! We can handwave, give basic godmodding rights, or whatever else will make this whole event easier on you.

NPCs will spontaneously tag into your threads. This will occur when a new enemy appears, something goes awry, or something changes! They’ll be doing it to make your log more exciting! When that happens, just continue the existing order following the NPC tag or contact your teammates OOCly to change up the order.

➨ Feel free to tag in action or prose. If you find one or the other distracting, please talk to your teammates and find out if anyone has a preference. Generally speaking, though, it’s all good.

➨ If you have any questions about what your character can do or change, please ask. We want this event to be fun and as painless as possible, but with something this large there's bound to be some confusion. If you find yourselves at an impasse, because you need intervention to push the plot along, or you’re just not sure where to go, please let us know.

We're here to do the heavy lifting and organization -- you're here for fun. If there's something we can do to make it better, we're more than open to suggestions. You can use this post or contact us directly.

➨ We've set up a separate post for injuries and deaths. While we'll be following all of the logs, we do need a centralized place to keep track of that sort of thing. If you want your character to perish before the end of the event, please drop a note there and let your teammates know. If you want your character to take a (specific) injury, it’s also a good place to note it. If your character suddenly takes an injury, please post so we have a record.

ICly, the assault will take about a day's time. OOCly, it will last as long as we need it to, but it will be assumed that by November 1st (when apps open) the station will be under new management. Feel free to put up post-event posts then, but as things usually are here, you can backtag as long as you want.

➨ Following the event, Kurzweil/R01 will be the only residential zone online. Reliable power will only be guaranteed in three neighborhoods clustered together. This will increase in the next few weeks and months as part of the metaplot. Characters will ICly know this ahead of time, so if there are things they want to keep from the other residential zones (which will be completely offline) they'll need to move it prior to the assault.

We should have the remaining information page changes done by the time apps open, and will post an OOC post detailing the changes then.


As you may have heard, there's a hurricane headed towards the East Coast. I (Larissa) am directly in its path, and there is a very high chance I will be without power and/or internet during parts of this week. NPC work will be split up between the mods (and Hiku); if you can't get in touch with me, please go to one of them. There's no way of knowing what the situation will be until the storm hits, but if I can't get reliable access enough to post here, please check [plurk.com profile] singmods for updates on who is available. Weather permitting, though, I'll be around as much as I'm able.
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Application Changes + Page Edits

Hello, Singularity! We've been hard at work behind the scenes overhauling the game, and while we've got a ways to go yet, we wanted to update you guys on what's been done so far.

➨ The Applications page has been updated. We've tweaked it throughout, so please read it all the way through, but the major changes are as follows:
  • The number of characters you can play has been limited from 10 to 5.

  • If you are interested in applying for an AI who would attempt to take over the network, you must contact the mods. This will tie very closely into the plot after the Hypatia event concludes -- we're happy to work it into the plot, but we need to discuss it with you first.

  • The Setting section has been made more concise. We're still looking for the same general things -- we want a general idea of the mechanics of the universe that shape your character's role and motivations -- but we've tried to simplify it as much as possible. We are looking for quality over quantity; a concise (and thorough) explanation of the canon (not the plot) written for those unfamiliar with it is what we're looking for.

  • The Abilities and Power Limitations section has been condensed. The full details are in the Gameplay section if you need to look them over again.

  • The Inventory section has been simplified.
We're pretty satisfied with how the section looks now, but if you've got an issue with any part of it, please let us know. These are the guidelines we'll be using for the next app round.

➨ The FAQ page has been updated. This section has mostly been rewritten, so please read it all the way through to refresh your memory. If you have any questions, or if there's something we're missing, feel free to mention it there or on this post.

There are a few broken links; those will be fixed when we finish up those pages.

➨ The Mod Contact section has been split off into its own page. Comments there are screened and anonymous is on, so if you need to contact the mods in private feel free to utilize that post.

Alex has left the app team for lack of time; she was incredibly helpful in getting the new modteam familiar with the system and will absolutely be missed. We will be asking for at least one other app mod in the future, likely after the November round.

➨ The Gameplay page has been updated. These are fairly minor changes about how the game will work going forward. The economy has been axed entirely, and a mission-based system will replace the job board. (We're still working on writing the section on missions up!)

➨ The Game Index has been updated. Please use this page for navigation. Most of the links on the pages work for navigation, but we are not updating them as a whole until we've finished more of the pages; it's easier on us.

There will be more updates coming in the new few days and weeks; we've made good progress, but there are a lot of things to sort through on the back end. Please be patient with us! (You can always ask a mod how things are going behind the scenes if you have concerns, though.)


The third phase of the Hypatia plot is still underway. If you need to catch up on what went down on Asphodel, please read Hiku's OOC Recap, and check out the current plans in the latest OOC post. People are still tagging around in the training logs (and you're still welcome to hop in!), but we're looking at starting the assault logs this weekend. If you need more/less time, please let us know. The game calendar has been updated accordingly.

Last but not least, please comment to the Player Contact page if you haven't already! This page is member-locked.

Any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them in this post! Remember, if you use plurk, you can follow [plurk.com profile] singmods for updates right when posts go up. (If you don't, we recommend tracking the OOC comm, or at least the !mod post tag.)
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Player Contact Page

Hi, all,

Just a quick announcement that we've added a Player Contact page to make it easier to arrange communication between players. Please comment to add yourself to the list. Note that the post is locked, and can only be viewed by community members.
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Calendar + App Round Dates

Hello, Singularity! We have a few important announcements today.

  • We now have a Calendar page. We’re using Google Calendar, so any time we update it, it’ll show up there. (Of course, we’ll make announcements for big updates - this is just for a look ahead.) Plot dates are not final. There’s some wiggle room in there in case the Hypatia plot needs more/less time -- this is just an approximation.

  • The next app round will begin November 1. While we wanted to have an app period in October, the fact is that we just don’t have the time to process apps on top of overhauling the game. As always, reserves will remain open until the start of the app round.

Please note that the calendar isn’t part of the navigation yet! It’s linked from the profile, but since we’re working on editing a lot of the pages and adding new ones, it’s easier on us to do that at the end of the process.

We are still working on overhauling the game -- there’s a lot to do, and it’s taking time! Ideally, though, we’d like to have everything squared away by the end of next week. This overhaul does involve rewriting and editing a lot of the game pages, however, and a fair bit of communication, so please bear with us as we work on it! If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to leave them in this post or contact us directly.

The Hypatia plot is still going on, and is currently in the third phase, preparing for the assault. We have a rough estimate of beginning the next part this coming weekend, but if more time is needed beforehand we can push it back. If you want to get involved but aren’t sure how, feel free to contact Hiku ([plurk.com profile] hikuswing) or either of the plot mods (Larissa and Varis). The last phase is going to require a lot of communication, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or want to do something!
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Announcements: Taken, Reserves, HMDs, Plot

Dear Singularity,

The Taken List has been updated to reflect the recent character sweeps.

Reserves are currently open, and applications will remain closed until further notice.

As per #6 in the Rules, all character journals must have some sort of HMD post for receiving roleplaying feedback. The following journals do not appear to have an HMD; please add one to your character journal and comment here to let us know that you have done so.

[personal profile] dearbatdiary
[personal profile] arachnophobe
[personal profile] fadedsunshine
[personal profile] hijackedbread
[personal profile] swordisakey
[personal profile] vanguard_charge
[personal profile] allianceman
[personal profile] chozobloodrites
[personal profile] forcewalking
[personal profile] conspirator
[personal profile] knightofdarkness

The Asphodel Visit Log is still open for tagging. Once your character is more or less wrapped up, please remember to post a brief OOC Recap. There’s also a Plot CR Meme open for general OOC coordination across all phases of the event.

If you have general comments or concerns about how things are going, feel free to comment here or drop a line to any of the mods!
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Notes from the Rift

Dear Singularity,

The following characters have recently been eaten by mysterious forces. They shall be remembered (or forgotten), and their disappearances mourned (or celebrated).

Characters under Swept did not respond to the comment-to-stay post. If you appear on the swept list and want to reclaim your character, please comment here by 2359 EST on Monday, September 24th. After that, those characters will be considered dropped and must re-app in order to return to the game.

New: Struckout names from the swept list have been marked as reclaimed.

Harry Lockhart | [personal profile] nippledetective | Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Julia Hoffman | [personal profile] therapeutics | Dark Shadows (film)
Kimber Benton | [personal profile] defiances | Jem
Leoben Conoy | [personal profile] patternprophet | Battlestar Galactica (CR AU)
Edward "The Riddler" Nygma | [personal profile] riddleme | DC [Batman: the Animated Series]
H'ssssk [aka Dr. Dinosaur] | [personal profile] tooscience | Atomic Robo
Dave Strider | [personal profile] seeing_idawg | Homestuck
Flonne | [personal profile] flonnezilla | Disgaea

Ezio Auditore da Firenze | [personal profile] mentore | Assassin’s Creed (CR AU)
Sakura Kinomoto | [personal profile] clowcaptor | Cardcaptor Sakura
Weaver | [personal profile] weaverwove | China Mieville's New Crobuzon series
Alec McDowell | [personal profile] im_apimp | Dark Angel (CR AU)
Max Guevara/X5-452 | [personal profile] revvedup | Dark Angel
Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) | [personal profile] cryovengeance | DC [Batman: Arkham City]
Terry McGinnis (Batman) | [personal profile] punliners | DC [Batman Beyond]
Harley Quinn | [personal profile] hesmypuddin | DC [Batman: the Animated Series]
The Joker | [personal profile] ba_dum_chhhh | DC [Batman: the Animated Series]
Koriand'r/Starfire | [personal profile] must_feel_flight | DC [Teen Titans (animated)]
Alejandro Borges | [personal profile] arachnophobe | Dead Space
Michael Altman | [personal profile] reunified | Dead Space
Adam Jensen | [personal profile] mechanicarus | Deus Ex
Caim | [personal profile] slaughterism | Drakengard
Kimiko Ross | [personal profile] autodidacticrobogirl | Dresden Codak (CR AU)
Harry Dresden | [personal profile] windycitywizard | The Dresden Files [novels]
Molly Carpenter | [personal profile] magicalpadawan | The Dresden Files [novels]
Tahcikoma | [personal profile] weareallalive | Ghost in the Shell [stand alone complex]
Batou | [personal profile] thehangingman | Ghost in the Shell [theatrical]
O'Brien | [personal profile] sniperbitch | Halo
Zhaneel | [personal profile] bondedgryphon | Heralds of Valdemar
Dave Strider | [personal profile] pantsless | Homestuck (AU)
Davesprite | [personal profile] featheryasshole | Homestuck
Karkat Vantas | [personal profile] papshooshing | Homestuck (CR AU)
The Signless | [personal profile] redancestor | Homestuck
Terezi Pyrope | [personal profile] circuitry | Homestuck
Terezi Pyrope | [personal profile] pythianjudgment | Homestuck (CR AU)
Vriska Serket | [personal profile] fairygodtroll | Homestuck
Annie Odair | [personal profile] poor_madgirl | The Hunger Games [novels]
Finnick Odair | [personal profile] finnick_odair | The Hunger Games [novels]
Katniss Everdeen | [personal profile] accidentalspark | The Hunger Games [novels]
Terrance Ward | [personal profile] traumatizing | Marvel [616]
Xavin | [personal profile] skrullbucks | Marvel [616]
Loki | [personal profile] notofasgard | Marvel [cinematic] (AU)
Natasha Romanoff (the Black Widow) | [personal profile] duplicities | Marvel [cinematic]
Tony Stark (Iron Man) | [personal profile] fe_male | Marvel [cinematic] (CR AU)
Pietro Lehnsherr (Quicksilver) | [personal profile] checkthetapes | Marvel [Ultimate]
Charles Xavier | [personal profile] theboysoldier | Marvel [X-Men: First Class] (AU)
Sean Cassidy (Banshee) | [personal profile] these_fish | Marvel [X-Men: First Class]
EDI | [personal profile] thatisajoke | Mass Effect
Garrus Vakarian | [personal profile] thearchangel | Mass Effect
Kasumi Goto | [personal profile] heygotaminute | Mass Effect
Legion | [personal profile] cohesions | Mass Effect
Liara T'Soni | [personal profile] asari_scientist | Mass Effect
Miranda Lawson | [personal profile] ancillary | Mass Effect
Thane Krios | [personal profile] tablepuncher | Mass Effect
Grey & Model A | [personal profile] alternatealbert | Megaman
Michiko Malandro | [personal profile] cashflow | Michiko to Hatchin
Éponine Thénardier | [personal profile] allaloneagain | Les Misérables [musical]
Kurt Sterling | [personal profile] huckster | original
Tintakki | [personal profile] shortlived | original
Joe | [personal profile] originaljoe | The Protomen
Tom | [personal profile] manlyphysique | Ruby Quest
Gabriel | [personal profile] just_desserts | Supernatural (AU)
Lara Croft | [personal profile] lady_adventure | Tomb Raider
Nemesis Prime (Convoy) | [profile] knightfordarkness | Transformers [Alternity]
Shockwave | [personal profile] notsoloyal | Transformers [Dreamwave Comics] (CR AU)
Skyfire | [personal profile] notyourchauffeur | Transformers [G1] (CR AU)
Soundwave | [personal profile] allshock_notalk | Transformers [G1] (CR AU)
Deadlock | [personal profile] driftlock | Transformers [IDW]
Sideswipe | [personal profile] stabbywheelfeet | Transformers [Live Action]
Soundwave | [personal profile] slenderbot | Transformers [Prime]
Gem | [personal profile] survivethesiren | Tron (AU)
Eric Northman | [personal profile] areafive | True Blood
Elena Gilbert | [personal profile] braveandstupid | The Vampire Diaries [television]
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Open Forum: Game Plans & Discussion

Hello, Sing! Larissa here with an update about the game and its status. As you can see, the mods have decided to turn the game over to me, and I’ve pulled together several more mods to help run the game. I’d like to thank the previous mod team -- Nie, Dash, Vic, and Carolyn, along with everyone on the app team -- for all their hard work in running Sing over the past few years and building up the game we all know and love, and they’ll definitely be missed both as mods and players.

I plan on filling the position of headmod and general cat herder, with a focus on running events, working on the metaplot, and playing NPCs as necessary. To that end, I’ve found what I feel to be an excellent group of mods to fill the rest of the game’s needs. Charlie (Zelgadis/Marco) is taking on the position of admin mod and will take care of updating lists and general inquiries. Varis (Kaidan/Bethany) will focus on plot and NPC work. Alex (Violet) is staying on the app team and will be joined by Tai (Clove/Arthur), with other mods jumping in to do app work as needed.

Now, this is the important part of the post: we need a headcount. If you’re planning on staying in the game, please comment under “Staying” below . List all characters that you plan on keeping, even if you’d like to drop them during the Hypatia plot. This is mandatory, and will be open for one week, until next Saturday, 9/22 -- we’re going to use this list to update the taken page and comm members, and anyone who hasn’t commented by that time will be removed. Please be sure to contact anyone who might not check the OOC comm! There will also be reminders in the mod plurk, [plurk.com profile] singmods.

Please note: if you dropped a character since August 1, you can reclaim your spot. For characters dropped before that date, you will need to reapply.

Lastly: applications will close until sometime in October at the end of this app round. There’s no way we can deal with apps at the same time as overhauling the game, and it’s easier to run the Hypatia plot without worrying about incoming characters, at least right now. There will be updates about this in the meantime, and reserves will stay open.

I know there’s been a lot of uncertainty about the game recently, so to get it out up front: the game is continuing for the foreseeable future. The immediate plan is to run through Hiku’s Hypatia plot, which is about to start and will follow the outline laid out in the last post. If interest is waning at that point, it can be run as an endgame event, but in going through all of the information available about the setting, it can also very easily transition into a new stage for the game focused more on Asphodel, with the Resistance serving as a more direct threat in Hypatia’s absence.

More on that later, though, because what I really want to talk about is what you, the players, want from Sing. I know that there have been issues with the game, some of them more longstanding than others -- a lot of which I’ve had myself, even. But the very last thing I’m interested in is taking the game and turning it into what I want -- I want it to be what you want. The game is nothing without its players, and the number one thing I want to do is to make it what you guys want it to be.

What that means: I want input. Any input, positive or negative, about everything from how the game works to what you’d like to see in the metaplot to information about the setting. If there’s anything that’s ever bugged you about the game -- and if there are things you really like and don’t want to see lost -- then consider this an open forum to discuss it. I’ve gone ahead and set up a couple of headers below with notes about the kind of things I’d like to do, but if there’s a certain topic not already covered feel free to put it up; I went with fairly general areas the mods have discussed so far.

This doesn’t just go for this post, either. Above all else, Sing is a collaborative game -- the wide variety of indepth player plots we’ve had over the past two years prove it. If there’s something you’d like to see change about the game, or if there’s a way you think it can be improved in any aspect -- apps, plots, general maintanence, anything -- you’re welcome to bring it to me or any of the other mods at any time. We’re here to do the heavy lifting of organizing plots and coordinating people, but at the end of the day we’re all here to be players first and foremost, and to have fun.

So while we’ve put up comments below with our ideas about how to continue from this point, we want to hear from you. You’re all just as involved in the game and what happens as we are! Think of this as a big brainstorm session for the game as a whole -- there are no bad ideas, just ideas we haven’t thought of yet.

Anonymous commenting is on, but if you have a question, complaint, or comment you aren’t comfortable airing in public, you can reach any of us privately (the mod contact page has been updated), and your concerns will be kept confidential.